Meeting Schedule

  • November 19, 2020 11am est.


Agenda Items

1 minWelcome & Antitrust Policy Notice
4 minsIntroduction of new members
15 mins

Ecosystem Research Task Force White Paper - Canada's NDRIO (New Digital Research Infrastructure Organization) - the benefits of Digital Resource Identifiers.

Carly Huitema
10 minsCOVID-19 Credentials Task Force -  Governance Framework V2.0  deliverable updateSankarshan Mukhopadhyay
10 minsIndustry sector classifications for Ecosystem Task Forces  -  enable sector linkage of the Technology stack Paul Knowles
10Deliverables Update - Status on Solution Pack and White Paper deliverables - Call for participationKaren Hand, Steve Magennis,
All Members
10 minsGithub Project Boards - Optional tool to help Task Force operationsSteven Milstein


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Agenda & Note

  1. Welcome and Linux Foundation antitrust policy
  2. Introduction of new members
    1. Neha Misra (New Delhi, India) from The Fin Lit Project
  3. Carly's introduction to the proposed upcoming work item of the Ecosystem Research Task Force White Paper
    1. #efwg-research-tf on slack ; ;

    2. A meeting call is being organized Friday noon ET - please reach out to Carly and David Luchuk for invites to meeting
    3.  Karl - are we responding as Trust over IP? Carly would need guidance on this item. David states while this is not a ToIP deliverable this presents an opportunity for members to respond to an important topic that will be relevant to upcoming activities of the Foundation
  4. Paul's introduction to the Industry Sector Classification work
    1. The adoption of this model for the TFs within a WG is expected to help on-board new members quickly and correctly using this table of business verticals
    2. Karen - what happens if GICS doesn't represent the vertical well? Paul - there are other available means to have sector coding which is likely to help address the issue
  5. Github Project Boards reference links
  6. Sankarshan's paper


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