1 minAgenda Review
1 minWelcome New Members
5 min

Foundation Wide Updates and  Annoucements

Working Group Updates

Open Diccussion

     Recording: Link



Judith Fleenor  kicked off the meeting with the AntiTrust policy and shared the agenda with the members. 

All Members Meetings

New Members Review: 

Contributor Organizations: 

Good Future


Contritubor Individuals: 

Andrew Escobar

Steering Committee: 

Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF)


Internet Identity Workshop (IIW), April 16th-18th
Computer History Museum Mountain View CA

ToIP 20 % Discount Code on Registrations: TOIP_XXXVIII_20

Open Source Summit North America - April 16th-18th Seattle, WA

European Identity and Cloud Conference - June 4th - 7th
Berlin, Germany
ToIP Panel: Friday, June 7th at 1:30pm
The Emerging Trust Layer for the Internet: Using Minimum Viable Protocols to
Achieve Maximum Interoperability

We’ve Got Buttons

See Judith at IIW to grab yourself a button to proudly wear, 
or DM her if your not going to be at IIW and need one for another conference.

Public Review

Keri Suite of Specifications

The Authentic Chained Data Containers (ACDC) Task Force is pleased to request public review of the following deliverables:

1.Key Event Receipt Infrastructure (KERI) specification

2.Authentic Chained Data Containers specification

3.Composable Event Streaming Representation specification

30 Day Public Review starts today.

There will be a 20 day huddle to review the comments before IIW, so please review ASAP.

Working Group Updates: 

See attached presentation.

Next All Members Meeting

May 15, 2024 

There will be NO All Members Meeting in April due to it falling on the week of
IIW and OSS North

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