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1 minWelcome New Members
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Foundation Wide Updates and  Annoucements

Guest Speakers from Content Authenticity Initiative

Open Diccussion

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Judith Fleenor  kicked off the meeting with the AntiTrust policy and shared the agenda with the members. 

All Members Meetings

February 21, 2024

Content Authenticity Initiative 
Guest Speakers:

Santiago Lyon, Head of Advocacy and Education for Content Authenticity Initiative at Adobe

Eric Scouten, Senior Engineering Manager for Content Authenticity Initiative at Adobe

The Content Authenticity Initiative was formed in 2019 as a partnership between Adobe and the New York Times and has since grown to over 2000 members who share an interest in promoting transparency in content provenance. We do this by promoting open technical standards to make content provenance information readily available to content producers and consumers, through creating open source software that implements those standards, and through education to ensure public awareness and adoption of these standards. Santi will talk about the current state of adoption and our education efforts and Eric will provide an introduction to the current technical standards and upcoming work that draws upon the work of Trust Over IP.

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