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  • Digital Trust in the Age of Generative AI
    Guest Speaker: Wenjing Chu
Wenjing Chu 

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Digital Trust in the Age of Generative AI - Presentation

“Digital Trust in the Age of Generative AI”

Join us as we explore the exciting world of Generative AI. The arrival of ChatGPT and other similar technologies has sparked both amazement and deep thought. Within the context of AI and digital trust systems, we ask important questions: What makes these models tick? How will they change our digital world and the key ideas of digital trust? What should our next steps be? In this presentation, Wenjing will guide us through the complex relationship between Generative AI and digital trust systems, highlighting how these two areas can work together. He will also suggest potential ways for groups like ToIP to adjust their programs to the new age of Generative AI.

Speaker: Wenjing Chu

Senior Director of Technology Strategy at Futurewei. ToIP Steering Committee member, Co-Chair of the Trust Spanning Protocol Task Force, Co-Chair of the AI and Metaverse Task Force.


Judith Fleenor kicked off the meeting with the AntiTrust policy and shared the agenda with the members. 

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The next All Members meeting will be Wednesday Sept 20th and it will be a Working Group Updates meeting

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