2 minAntitrust Policy Notice
1 minAgenda ReviewJudith Fleenor 
1 min Welcome New Members
2 minFoundation Wide Updates and Announcements
TBDWorking Group Updates
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Judith Fleenor kicked off the meeting with the AntiTrust policy and shared the agenda with the members. 

Welcome New Members:

Kycor LTD
W.W. Grainger, Inc
Universitat Rovira i Virgili
gluetech Solutions Inc.
Canadian Internet Registration Authority
Credentive Security
Encodible LLC

Foundation Wide Updates and Announcements

APAC Digital Identity unConference, March 1st -3rd,  Bangkok, TH
Internet Identity Workshop (IIW), April  18th-20th  Computer History Museum Mountain View CA
    ToIP 20 % Discount Code on Registrations: TOIP_XXXVI_20

European Identity Conference (EIC), May 9-12, Berlin
Identiverse, May 30-June 2, Las Vegas

Working Group Updates

Concepts and Terminology Working Group - (Drummond Reed)
New White Paper on Decentralized SSI Governance


Proposed New Mental Model Task Force

  • The CTWG is proposing to start up a new Mental Models Task Force if there is sufficient interest — see the proposed mission
  • Ping our Slack channel: #concepts-terminology-wg or email Judith

Technology Stack Working Group 

Five Active Task Forces

1.Technology Architecture Task Force
2. Authentic Chained Data Container (ACDC) Task Force
3. AI & Metaverse Task Force
4. Trust Registry Task Force   ⇐ SECOND GENERATION
5. Trust Spanning Protocol Task Force    ⇐ NEW THIS YEAR

Technology Architecture Task Force

Continuing work on ToIP Technology Architecture Specification V1.0

Trust Registry Task Force 2.0

Making good progress — please join our discussions: 

Trust Spanning Protocol Task Force

Deliverable is the ToIP Trust Spanning Protocol Specification
The keystone of the entire ToIP stack
See the 18 requirements in the ToIP Technology Architecture Spec V1.0
Now in the proposal stage — see our discussions: 

Other TSWG Task Forces

ACDC (Authentic Chained Data Container) TF 
Meets every other Tuesday
07:00-8:00 PT / 14:00-15:00 UTC
AI & Metaverse TF 
Meets every other Thursday
09:00-10:00 PT / 16:00-17:00 UTC

Now Making Extensive Use of Github Discussions

If you can use Google docs, you can use Github Discussions -

see this excellent tutorial: 
Join these discussions to see it at work: 

Governance Stack Working Group (Scott Perry)

The GSWG welcomes its updated slate of leaders:
-Scott Perry
-Savita Farooqui
Vice Chairs
-Drummond Reed
-Steven Milstein
-Keerthi Thomas

Utility Foundry Working Group (Lynn Bendixson)

New/Future work items
We are currently contributing all of our ongoing efforts to the Governance Architecture Task Force.  
Will resume with UFWG items when that effort scales back. 

Ecosystem Foundry Working Group (Steve Magennis)

EFWG 2023 Preview-
Looking at how organizations in this space are shaking out, refocusing and aligning themselves for the next 2 years
Seeking to articulate the common components that define a trust solution
Asking the outside world to share their perspective of digital trust

Ecosystem Research

Goal is to gather ‘real world’ feedback, perspectives and insights from future trust-tech adopters at the business/organizational level

Please find the survey here: Link

Data Modeling and Representation Working Group (Neil Thomson)

Current Topics:
Authentic Data - requirements (data “root of trust”?)
Authentic Provenance Chains
General data structures - Chains, Trees vs Mesh Distributed, Centralized
Schema Types and Data exchange considerations - Relational, Graphs, RDF, RDF*, …
Decentralized data flows - event streaming (e.g. Kafka) vs. containers (ACDC)
Data Modelling for Governance

Human Experience Working Group (Andrew Slack)

Seeking new co-chairs for both APAC and NA / EU groups

Interaction Patterns Task Force Kick off

Interaction Patterns Task Force - FOCUS
How do we enable trustworthy data exchange interactions in wallets?
What are best practice interaction patterns, what research and feedback has been gathered to support these? 
What existing standards and work in our broader communities can or should be built on?
Where is there opportunity for the development of new standards or patterns to unlock improved or novel digital transaction experiences?

First Task Force Meeting: Thursday 23rd February at 17.00 UTC = 09.00 PT 

Subscribe on the ToIP Meeting Calendar

Calendar of ToIP Meetings 

Open Discussion

Next all Members Meeting March 15, 2023

Special Topics Meeting with Secretary of Commerce from the State of Rhode Island, Liz Tanner 

Liz will talk to us about what worked in their pilot using decentralized identity. 

Limari Navarrette invited the group to particiapate in the following online seminar: 

"Ask me Anything" on DWNs with Daniel Buchner

Thursday March 2nd, 11am PT/2pm ET/8pm CET
Join us for an exciting AMA on Decentralized Web Nodes. To register for the event please sign up here: Link

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