2 minAntitrust Policy Notice
3 min Website Update
3 minToIP Summit ReCap
10 minEnd of Year - Membership Upgrade Drive
30 min2023 - Editorial Calendar and Marketing Communications Plan
3 minAction Time Update
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Judith Fleenor kicked off the meeting with the AntiTrust policy and shared the agenda with the members. She initiated the conversation around the EOY membership campaign efforts and a 2023 Editorial campaign. No additional agenda items were requested. 

Website Updates:

Judith Fleenor provided an update on the blogs with the two blogs published in August, Avast and then the BC Gov Blog. She spent some time reviewing the blog ideas and collecting feedback on which ideas would be valuable. EU Digital Wallet Series is something Antti is interested in pursuing, but due to higher priority needs with Technology spec. Wenjing Chu is still interested in participating in the Design Principles blog series. Drummond Reed shared that with the specification coming out in mid-November, we may consider aligning this series with the announcement of the public review period; Monday November 14th would be the first proposed date. Conversation ensued about the type of posts/blogs as a per principle blog versus a wholistic view of the series that's more architecture public review series

Judith Fleenor shared that the website updates are all up and we are pending a banner for the home page to promote the Tech Architecture stack for public review. Additionally, we should consider additional content on what the review process entails.

Alex Metcalf is working on the EIC Conference panel to our Model page and adding additional content for YouTube

ToIP Summit Recap:

Judith Fleenor shared images from the ToIP Foundation booth at Hyperledger; she shared that the turn out was less than anticipated but that the conversations were valuable and the exposure was impactful in a positive way for the ToIP Foundation. 

EOY Membership Upgrade Drive:

Judith Fleenor asked for help to create collateral and materials to share with our existing contributor members to drive upgrading to a General Membership. Judith Fleenor asked for recommendations and ideas to help drive. Daniel Bachenheimer shared that we need to focus on telling the story of the value of influencing the outcome and direction of ToIP Foundation by joining as a General membership. Judith Fleenor asked for help to see if Accenture can help create content for marketing purposes for the Foundation. 

2023 - Editorial Calendar and Marketing Communications Plan:

Judith Fleenor  asked the Communications Committee What do we want to put in our Communication and Marketing Plan for 2023? What type of one pagers do we want to create? What other communications collateral do we need? Is budget needed or required for us to achieve these goals? What conferences do we want to target in 2023? Judith Fleenor welcomed Ajay Madhok and his interest and ability to help create video content.

Judith Fleenor suggested a keynote to focus on Identity at Linux Foundation at LFMS to illustrate all of the work that these groups are doing collectively across the landscape. 

Action Time Update:

  • Judith Fleenor to remove the Dublin recap blog and DIDs Done Right series blogs
  • Jim St.Clair to connect with Phil Wolff on the Consent is becoming meaningless blog
  • Wenjing Chu to initiate the Design Principles blog series in November (after LFMS), with a partner, to start producing these on a cadence
  • Drummond Reed to lead the Tech Architecture Series to be posted on the following cadence 11/14, 11/28, etc.
  • Daniel Bachenheimer to engage his internal resources for help creating marketing content.
  • Judith Fleenor to sync with Zoe McKenna for marketing help and support
  • Jim St.Clair to connect with LF Comms to create the topic of LF Identity groups under the LF

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