July 22, 2022




5 min

BLOG Updates and Approvals

4 minEvent Schedule and Wiki Page Judith Fleenor
5 minWebsite Update - Memberships PagesJudith Fleenor
2 minOpen Source Summit Mini and Hyperledger Global Forum Planning
5 minAction Item UpdatesJudith Fleenor 
As time AllowsOpen DiscussionAll





Judith Fleenor kicked off the meeting with the Anti Trust policy to review and the agenda. Judith Fleenor reviewed the agenda and then provided an update regarding BLOG Updates and Approvals. She mentioned that we've approved OIX Trust Framework, Monokeejoining ToIP as Steering Committee member, Identiverse Recap, Identity Week Recap and AI and Metaverse BLOG (AIM TaskForce Creation) all in the past month. We're awaiting the Avast content for approval, as well as, the Why DID We Do DIDs? Critical Guidance to Using Decentralized Identifiers Correctly. The Communications Committee approved for the Why DID's blog to be posted on July 26th. Alex Walz recommended we include a blog on the Mini Summit while Judith Fleenor reviewed the outstanding blog ideas previously discussed. Drummond Reed mentioned that due to high travel and holiday schedules, typically August is a quiet month, so we should aim to publish the blogs that we have an the schedule currently for next month.  Alex Walz mentioned that he can commit to getting an answer to Judith Fleenor next week on the Avast blog. Judith Fleenor went on to introduce website updates with Alex W and Alex M. She provided the updates that were discussed and approved last week, New features on the homepage, Blog Updates, removing the GHP and a new image for the "Join Now: button on. She went on to mentioned the Model page update to incorporate the ToIP Stack image and the new membership structure and fees page. 

Website Updates:

Alex Metcalf introduced the live websites with the "Latest News" that includes the three most recent blog posts. He went on to share that we will be updating the Good Health Pass section with events updates. Alex Walz mentioned that we replaces the Join Us section with new images of Steering Committee members. Judith Fleenor mentioned that one of the images works, but the other image may require permission from the the folks in the image. Alex Walz requested folks to share additional images from other events to start building a library of images to use in the future. The Communication Committee approved and likes the look and feel. Alex Metcalf went on to shared the Design Principles section that hyperlinks to another page. The idea is to expand the section as an introduction to the information. Do we want to have a panel here to better illustrate the design principles or just have the content to read. Judith Fleenor suggested a list of the design principles with an image and one sentence to illustrate each of the seventeen principles. John Jordan recommended the idea of a Principle of the Day/Week in the future state via automation and everyone agrees that's a great idea to illustrate the work and principles to make the homepage more dynamic. Alex Walz introduced the Upcoming Event page with the lead content about our up-coming ToIP Mini Summit. He shared the events will include dates, description, registration information and discount code details. He mentioned these will highlight our ToIP members who are speaking at the events. Judith Fleenor asked about the logo Alex created and everyone likes and approves. The discussion continued regarding where the Events pages should live and it was recommended to either put it under About Us or to replace Blog with Resources to incorporate Blog information and Events information. Then it was recommended to move Contact, under, About Us and then add an Events title. Alex Walz mentioned we can move Contact Us under About Us and add a Footer for Contact Us information as well. Alex Metcalf went on to share the Designs Principles content not he home page that's in the dev site. Alex asked for clarification on the image and content that will replace the GHP and she clarified that we should be promoting the Mini Summit in September, but the details should articulate that additional events. Alex Metcalf went on to illustrate the member pages, Join Us, page is still being updated but he was able to share the Model Page that has the most recent updates that will be more engaging and interactive. These two pages will be available to review in our next meeting, based on most recent feedback. Judith Fleenor asked if we have approvable to update the page to point to the Join Us content we're currently using today, pending the new AutoJoin link and the Community Committee approved that we can post immediately.

Mini Summit Marketing Plan:

Judith Fleenor provided an update on the development on the agenda and content for the up-coming mini summit and the events page that's being updated on the website. She asked for feedback on a strategy to promote this event and get folks in attendance. She shared the current numbers and confirmed that we want to promote via Social Media, but then went on to suggest we have our Steering Committee members promote the event and invite them to attend. Drummond Reed agrees that we should leverage promoting the Open Source Summit or Hyperledger Global Forum, since this is the audience we're working to recruit. John Jordan asked is we can be included in the OSS communications to help expand our reach? Judith Fleenor mentioned that we're on the OSS website and that we can add a link from the  OSS page that drive traffic to our website. John Jordan asked if we can be included as a highlight in one of the communications LF is sending out. Drummond Reed suggested we ask Marketing team to help us promote our Mini Summit event. Judith Fleenor asked Alex for feedback regarding our efforts to promote from a marketing perspective how they can help. Alex Walz mentioned that we need to focus getting in front of the attendees who are participating in the other events and he shared that he will work on putting together content for members to share and promote. Alex and Jana are meeting Monday and they will start putting together marketing content that we can leverage for social media. She shared the Mini Summit agenda will be a primary topic for our new ToIP Steering Committee and the second half to focus on a strategy on how to get folks in attendance. John Jordan recommended we use our mailing list to start communicating out to our community members to encourage them to invite their European clients to the mini summit. Judith Fleenor believes we'll have enough of a skeleton agenda to update on the website post Steering Committee meeting next week Wednesday. 

Hyperledger Global Forum:

Judith Fleenor shared the update on the ToIP Expo table for the event in September and she asked for an update on swag and apparel to promote ToIP. We need to cost on the swag, table cloth, apparel, signage (standing rollup signs), and Alex Walz will get this information. She went on to mention that we should have a handout for folks to register for the forum and mini summit. Judith Fleenor asked for feedback on the type of content we want to have on the one-sheeter and Daniel Bachenheimer recommended a card with a QR code to our website that illustrates design principles or the stack or something more streamlined for who we are and what we represent. Alex Walz recommended a half sheet page and Judith Fleenor suggested a business card. John Jordan mentioned a sign at the table with the QR code. 

UpComing Communication Committee Meeting:

Judith Fleenor shared the agenda for our next meeting to discuss the website updates, and the Dublin Conference marketing rollout strategy and plan. 

Action Items:

  • Alex Walz to provide recommendation on video content material for multi-use purpose.
  • Drummond and Nick to meet with team regarding Dan's feedback on Open Identity blog/topic. Judith recommended Bryn and IVRamp (Karl or Mike) join the conversation; Drummond to schedule meeting.
  • Judith to draft a letter for the SB1190 and Scott Perry to review
  • Alex Walz will work with Judith to create a description for the event for the Mini Summit
  • What's the location for the OSS Europe? Dublin IE 13-16 September
  • Judith to get a list of attendees for IIW for a mini cocktail event in advance of the conference
  • Judith to connect with Andre to see if there's an opportunity to organize an event for community members who are not attending the event, but are local to the community.
  • Judith to follow up with Sophia about a trial run
  • Trademark Meeting needs to be rescheduled with Daniel and John in attendance 

Action Items from previous meetings:

  • Past Action Item:  Scott Perry and David Lucatch volunteered to work on Trademark registration recommendations.
  • Past Action Item: Judith Fleenorto work with Indicio on getting ToIP content into their Indy/Arise workshop.
  • Past Action Item: Drummond Reed to create a Co-Branding Policy and work with Scott Perryto create a Co-branded version of out templates.
  • Past Action Item: Drummond Reedto create a BLOG about the OIX MOU when that MOU has been created and approved by both SCs. Judith Fleenorto follow-up with Nick Mothershaw.  Judith Fleenorto continue to follow-up with Jory on the re-write and resubmit to SC.
  • Past Action Item: Daniel Bachenheimersaid help with a BLOG about mDL and VCs.
  • Past Action Item: Judith Fleenorto coordinate with Kaliya Youngand Chris Kelly about Cross Collaboration on papers and communications after Thanksgiving.
  • Past Action Item: Judith Fleenorto add event schedule topic to the next Comms Meeting agenda.
  • Karen Hand to present this in the next EFWG and identify who would be the best POC to drive the top priorities to drive deliverables and effort
  • Scott Perry  and Drummond Reed to update/changes templates and the style guide (1/14). We need to identify a POC to own this in the future.
  • Drummond Reed to add the co-branding to the template documents and style guide Drummond Reed Introduction to White Paper & Design Principles Paper 
  • Elisa TrevinoJudith Fleenor, @AlexMetcalf, Drummond ReedJim St.Clair  to help drive decisions on the look and feel of the website.
  • Jim St.Clair LFX platform demonstration for project management in an up-coming Steering Committee meeting.
  • Judith Fleenor follow-up on End of Year surveys
  • @JudithFleenor to send a note to the Comms slack channel regarding their input for the LinkedIn cover photo.
  • Judith Fleenor to schedule landing session for Wenjing Chu and Chris Ingrao for 3pm on Monday January 24th to discuss  focus for 2022.
  • Judith Fleenor to provide access to the shared drive for the link provided at the top of the meeting (
  • Judith Fleenor to send an email to the SC regarding the details for the trademark efforts.
  • Alex Metcalf to post the discussion papers these to LinkedIn 
  • Ajay Madhok create an editorial calendar review/outline a strategy of the efforts for ToIP video content
  • Judith Fleenor to invite Alex Walz to the OIX discussion next week
  • Daniel Bachenheimer to find out if Accenture is a member of OIX
  • Judith Fleenorto confirm with John Jordanon quote for OIX blog.
  • @Alex Walz to help @ScottPerry on the Schellman blog and press release 
  • Judith Fleenor to add bullet points to the blog for Scott Perry to review and edit accordingly & pending a ToIP quote from a SC member (John Jordan)