January 1, 2022






10 min

Action Item Update - BLOG Updates and Approvals

10 minWhitepaper Task Force Discussion - Karen HandKaren Hand
10 min

Review and Alterations to Deliverable Templates and Guide

15 min

AutoJoin and it’s impact on our Website - Elisa Trevino

5 minWebsite Review team@AlexMetcalf 
10 minActions Item Updates
10Open Discussion All





Judith Fleenor proposed blog approval and review, she shared the link to the newest blog Data Governance Act meets ToIP framework presented by Jan LindquistJan Lindquistprovided a brief description and presentation on the blog and there was consensus to approve, called by Judith FleenorDrummond Reed shared his perspective and appreciation for the new diagram. Drummond Reed continued his appreciation for the links included in the document.

Judith Fleenor called for Karen Hand to discuss Taskforce white paper that she will present on today. She addressed the fact that it's been proposed that we no longer need as Taskforce, but that we address what is needed in order to continued the effort to expand our efforts. She proposed we discuss the definition of our Taskforce. She proposed that we review the terminology and classification the types of content being generated so that in the future, we can focus on the required resources for the papers. This will demonstrate alignment across ToIP that could be collaborated on the efforts. We need to focus on the definition and classification as an initial step. Judith Fleenor believed this might be better suited as a Taskforce within the Communication Committee. Drummond Reed agrees this makes sense and agrees this should sit with the Communications Committee. John Jordan shared his perspective and asked for clarification on the Taskforce. 

Judith Fleenor suggested the Communications Committee provide direction to the group and John Jordan is in agreement. Judith Fleenor thanked Scott Perry for his work on the deliverables template. Drummond Reed shared some of the feedback and changes that help make the content more easily consumable. Scott Perry mentioned we need a POC to help make the changes and Drummond Reed mentioned he is willing to help make these updates. Can we add in the co-branding into the effort to update the template and style guide. Judith Fleenor called for a vote to make these changes and all agreed to grant permission.

Elisa Trevino presented on the change to AutoJoin and implementing automation into the on-boarding process. She shared the benefits for making this change and demonstrated what this looks like for other projects and organizations across Linux Foundation. Drummond Reed inquired about where we can customize the web pages leading to the AutoJoin process. Elisa Trevino recommended adding the details for joining membership. Judith Fleenor recommended adding a tutorial page that helps guide users into the on-boarding process. Jim St.Clair stated he would be interested in presenting on the new LFX platform

Judith Fleenor provided a brief update on End of Year survey update, OIX  liaison agreement to be put forward to SC again next week, Status of Introductory Whitepapers & Design Principles, Hyperledger Workshop still under development - ToIP content to be added, Cross Organizations Communications Collaboration, Publishing Case Studies - proposed by EFWG, Maintaining a list of ToIP related resources  - proposed by EFWG, Trademark Registration, ToIP Branding Guidelines - Co-Branding of Deliverables (i.e. Example Yoma Governance Framework).

Ajay Madhok discussed meeting with Phil Wenly at Utah workshop about jointly working on a paper for IIW in April to focus on NFT and the role of ToIP in the crypto world. I would like to enlist others to co-author the paper based on some of the work; based on some of the NFT work Ajay is currently doing at Angel Studios. Drummond Reed agrees that it makes sense for ToIP to be relevant and helpful, he's unable to assist on this one, but he's excited about the idea for us to have a role in the space. @DanBachenheimer proposed clarification regarding the ToIP linkage of NFT to identity, versus monetary? Ajay Madhok answered with three parts to the equation, 1st the primary root of trust; 2nd part is the governance; 3rd is the guidelines to help address consumer concerns or fear in their transactions.

Judith Fleenor shared the deliverable page and asked @AlexMetcalf to expand on the page. He discussed the deliverable page that's currently in the dev environment and shared his updates. Drummond Reed suggested a category of specifications on the deliverables. Scott Perry suggested we change the name to Templates & Companion Guides. @KarenHand suggested we include a portion that includes Sustainable Development Goals. 

Action Items:

Karen Hand to present this in the next EFWG and identify who would be the best POC to drive the top priorities to drive deliverables and efforts

Scott Perry  and Drummond Reed to update/changes templates and the style guide (1/14). We need to identify a POC to own this in the future.

Drummond Reed to add the co-branding to the template documents and style guide 

Drummond Reed Introduction to White Paper & Design Principles Paper 

Elisa TrevinoJudith Fleenor, @AlexMetcalf, Drummond ReedJim St.Clair  to help drive decisions on the look and feel of the website.

Jim St.Clair LFX platform demonstration for project management in an up-coming Steering Committee meeting.

Judith Fleenor follow-up on End of Year surveys

Action Items from previous meetings:

  • Past Action Item:  Scott Perry and David Lucatch volunteered to work on Trademark registration recommendations.
  • Past Action Item: Judith Fleenorto work with Indicio on getting ToIP content into their Indy/Arise workshop.
  • Past Action Item: Drummond Reed to create a Co-Branding Policy and work with Scott Perryto create a Co-branded version of out templates.
  • Past Action Item: Drummond Reedto create a BLOG about the OIX MOU when that MOU has been created and approved by both SCs. Judith Fleenorto follow-up with Nick Mothershaw.  Judith Fleenorto continue to follow-up with Jory on the re-write and resubmit to SC.
  • Past Action Item: Daniel Bachenheimersaid help with a BLOG about mDL and VCs.
  • Past Action Item: Judith Fleenorto coordinate with Kaliya Youngand Chris Kelly about Cross Collaboration on papers and communications after Thanksgiving.
  • Past Action Item: Judith Fleenorto add event schedule topic to the next Comms Meeting agenda.