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GLEIF vLEI Governance Framework

Karla McKenna

Head of Standards GLEIF and Managing Director of GLEIF Americas

Dr. Sam Smith

Creator of KERI and chair of the ToIP Authentic Chained Data Container (ACDC) Task Force

Karla McKenna and Samuel Smith

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Judith Fleenormade the following announcements:

Foundation Wide Announcements:

  • Virtual Holiday Party -Tomorrow, December 9th -11am PT/ 1pm CST/ 7pm UTC
    Wear your holiday finest and bring your festive food and drink of choice

Working Group Announcements:

IWG-GHP - Meeting tomorrow, Thursday Nov 11th at 11 am PT to approve deliverables

    • TSWG - has begun an intensive Technology Architecture Task Force effort. This group (more welcome!) is aimed at defining the 4-layer ToIP Stack in detail. They are meeting weekly at two times on Thursdays:
                              7am PT / 3pm UTC and 1pm PT / 9pm UTC
      with collaboration between the two meetings.

    • HXWG next meeting is 30th December and looks forward to welcoming people to join the New Year.  They will also be running an APAC call and are working on a video to introduce the HXWG to the world.

    • Product Circulatiy Data Sheet Task Force is having it’s second workshop to gain feedback on PCDS plan on Dec. 15th 8am-10am PT/ 4pm-6pm UTC

    • Ecosystem Foundry Working Group will be starting up again in January with the first meeting on January 6th. 
    • Meetings will be  Every Alternate Thursday
      08:00 Pacific / 11:00 Eastern / 16:00 UTC

Guest Speakers:

Karla McKenna, Head of Standards GLEIF and Managing Director of GLEIF Americas, and Dr. Sam Smith, creator of KERI and chair of the ToIP Authentic Chained Data Container (ACDC) Task Force. Gave an introduction to LEIs and vLEIs, example use cases and markets, the vLEI EGF, GLEIF’s role in the vLEI Ecosystem, vLEI workflows and vLEI infrastructure technology (KERI and ACDC).

Discussion Notes to be added by Elisa Trevino


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