September 17, 2021




15 minAction Item Update -
ToIP Approved Deliverable Template and Companion Guide

Judith Fleenor Scott Perry

and thanks to RJ Reiser and James from Liquid Avatar

5 min

Action Item Update - ToIP Year in Review

Approval of Content, review of graphic content, and placement on website.

Document for Review attached to meeting announcement.
5 minPosition Papers/Discussion Papers Placement on Website

Judith Fleenor for Steven Milstein 
and Alex Metcalf

5 minBLOG Approval - Risk Assessment Document for Review attached to meeting announcement.
10 min

BLOGs for Approved Deliverables - what's in the pipeline
BLOGs for Special Guest Speakers -discussion
Other Blogs ...

John Jordan

5 minDID Spec Public Show of Support when approved by W3C
10 minOpen Discussion All
1 minWrap up




  • Agenda Topics (pdf):


Action Item Update - ToIP Approved Deliverables Template and Companion Guide

Scott Perry  previewed the draft Templates for the ToIP Documents and Spreadsheet deliverable and the Companion Style Guide for use by members.

David Lucatch asked regarding our Logo and TradeMark being registered.  Judith Fleenorsaid that she had spoken with Daniel Scales for LF earlier today about that very subject, and there is no registration that has been made.  David Lucatch said he had a good TradeMark lawyer that he works with.  Judith Fleenor mentioned that there might be advantages to doing it via LF, in the even any trademark infringement needed legal support.  It was agreed that if there wasn't a big cost difference, going through LF might have it's advantages.   David Lucatch and Scott Perry agreed to be called on to come up with a recommendation for the SC.

Everyone agreed they like the direction of the Style Guide and Templates.  Scott Perry will finish the Style Guide, and then it will be sent out to the Communications Committee for review and comment by Judith Fleenor

Action Item Update - ToIP Year in Review

Year In review content was approved by committee.  Drummond Reed and John Jordan will work to get a story of the original goals of the year that Ajay Madhok can use in updating the graphic.  

The decision was made that the content would be posted to the website as a BLOG, with an callout area on the Homepage, side by side with the Good Health Pass.  

David Lucatch recommended that in the future we consider making a carousel for the content like this.

Position Papers/Discussion Papers Placement on Website

Judith Fleenor informed the committee that the ISWG had approved the renaming of their Position Papers to Discussion Papers.

Judith Fleenor shared Alex Metcalf's proposed placement on the website under the Our Work section and the proposed analytics. 

David Lucatch cautioned us about checking that the analytics that we track are in compliance with CA and other legal requirements and cookies policy.

Neil Thomson Demoed the template for creating discussion papers.

BLOG Approval - Risk Assessment 

It was RESOLVED:  That the BLOG Post for “ToIP Risk Assessment Worksheet Template” and “ToIP Risk Assessment Companion Guide” Steering Committee Approved Deliverables submitted by the Governance Stack Working Group be hereby approved by the Communications Committee for publication on the ToIP Website.BLOGs for Approved Deliverables - what's in the pipeline

BLOGs for Special Guest Speakers - discussion

Everyone thought that the Ontario Gov presentation went so well at the ALL Members meeting that we should do a BLOG about it.  John Jordan said he already had Alex Metcalf working on some notes for it.  Jim St.Clair volunteered to help draft the BLOG Post.

A discussion what had about members writing BLOG posts.

Drummond Reed Well, if there is a blog post from trustworthy Member, that is, you know sort of Personalizing that experience of the kinds of problem space we're dealing with and how trust or a few solutions will help address it, I think that's fantastic content, in other words, the more our voice can sound genuine and authentic as in directly from our from our Members is shows, we know what we're talking about.   They need to be well done! Right... we don't want to publish something that's was created  out of my iPad during a stop on a on delayed flight or something unless it's really good, but the words as long as it meets our sort of quality requirements. I certainly think if we start having a lot more content on the blog and we're tweeting about it that's overall you know if it's good quality content that's going to increase our visibility in the market.

 Paul Knowles I think the expertise that we have here is like huge, right, so they're they're not going to be rubbish blogs, they're going to be really good.  They might be opinionated, but they'll be backed up by you know some really good stuff.

Judith Fleenor mentioned that we must have a well defined criterial for what types of BLOGs we could post and how to vet them.  This topic of discussion will be continued at a future meeting

DID Spec Public Show of Support when approved by W3C

We discussed what we would like to do to show support for the DID specification when approved by W3C.

Drummond Reed Wenjing Chu Daniel Bachenheimer all volunteered to help draft that plan.

Drummond Reed added that the  meet yesterday, and they feel the probability of its approval is high, but they are not sure how long it will take.  Any public announcement is most certainly not until Oct.

Open Discussion

Drummond Reed requested that all the communication committee member take time to read and comment on the Introduction to to ToIP white paper that is now under community review.

Introduction to ToIP V2 white paper:

Action Items:

  • Action ItemScott Perry to finish the Style Guide.  Judith Fleenor to send it to the Comms Committee for review before next meeting.
  • Action Item:  Scott Perry and David Lucatch volunteered to work on Trademark registration recommendations.
  • Action item: Jim St.Clair to work with Alex Metcalf on a BLOG about our ALL Members meeting presentation by Onterio Gov.
  • Action Item: Drummond Reed Wenjing Chu Daniel Bachenheimer to work on public showing of support for DIF spec when approved by W3C
  • Action Item: All review theIntroduction to ToIP V2 white paper