August 20, 2021




1 minUpdate Website LIVE - Thanks to everyone who made this happen!Judith Fleenor
5 minAction Item Update - ToIP Year in Review
5 minAction Item Update - ToIP Approved Deliverables TemplateJudith Fleenor Drummond Reed
10 minBLOGs for Approved Deliverables
5 minGHP Op Eds
5 minUse of our Logo and mentions of ToIP on members websites/BLOGs
5 minWebsite Continuous Improvement
20 minOpen Discussion All
1 minWrap up




  • Agenda Topics (pdf):


Action Item Update - ToIP Year in Review

Action Item Update - ToIP Approved Deliverables Template

Drummond Reed

  • The templates we need for our five types of deliverables (specs, recommendations, guides, glossaries, white papers) all vary somewhat, but as a rule they will all include the same four overall elements:

    1. Standard ToIP graphic assets (e.g., logo, styles, fonts, layouts).
    2. Standard ToIP descriptive text (mission statement/value prop, link to website, contact info).
    3. Standard Joint Development Foundation (JDF) legal text (copyright license, patent license, open source license, etc.).
    4. Template-specific text and formatting—this differs with the type of deliverable, e.g., our standard text/formatting for a specification will be different from a glossary will be different from a white paper.

    In addition, from a design and layout perspective, we need to accommodate two different publication formats:

    1. PDF (produced either dynamically by our GitHub-based deliverable pipeline process or statically from a Google doc and then just stored in GitHub when finished.)
    2. HTML produced via GitHub Markdown files using our GitHub-based deliverable pipeline process.

Ajay Madhok I was thinking perhaps if we have an item number five in this list, which is a dynamic thing which we keep updating.... Where it's really the set of key messages and the control vocabulary so as you produce more content we revisit that. And then it becomes an asset for anybody who is writing something, so just like they can look at the graphic assets, and they can look at the templates, they can look at key messages and the control vocabulary, we have used in the past right meaning. We are starting to the taxonomy in your language, and we want to move to keywords and then you know to control vocabulary, we may not get to an ontology to your satisfaction, but at least we can move up from folks autonomy to control vocabulary. Drummond Reedloved this idea.

John Jordan Mentioned that LF might have a graphics shop that could help with the layout.

Ajay Madhok shared a tool. (Angels Studios)

Judith Fleenor asked: So, once this is designed, does it become a standard document or would somebody have to interface with this tool, because we want to make sure that any working group chair, would be able to just pop their text in there, without having to learn a new tool.

Ajay Madhok So this is a discovery tool, so you can populate slide deck and issue pdfs and they can be available, but this is an online reference there they both serve the same purpose it's not a just a website right there is some navigation and there isn't that much to it right.

John Jordan asked: What's the output like I see some icons along the top there.  If push one of those things are at the top, does it produce the template based on the style guides that would happen.

Ajay Madhok You can export the slide slide guide you know, in terms of a PDF right, but essentially the same whatever be your styles and templates. Will just put them together under this and they are all discoverable and it's free and you know it's available to everyone right.  (Slightly more discussion continued)

Drummond Reedagreed to work with RJ Reiserto get the basic template for .pdf completed.  

Judith Fleenorwill check with Seth about legal language that might be needed.

BLOGs for Approved Deliverables

Judith Fleenor suggested that we have a guide to help working group chairs write BLOGs about their deliverables.  And suggested that when a WG submits a deliverable to the SC that they also submit at BLOG at that same time, so it will be ready to post after approval.  Then the Communications Committee would them edit and wordsmith.

Possible Upcoming BLOG re deliverables

  1. Principles of SSI
  2. Decentralized Resource Identifiers in the Research Landscape
  3. COVID-19 Credentials Initiative (“CCI”) Governance Framework V2.0
  4. ToIP Risk Assessment Companion Guide (coming soon)
  5. ToIP Risk Assessment Worksheet Template (coming soon)

Drummond Reedasked for clarification.  And Judith Fleenorreiterated that the idea is to provide guidance.

 Jim St.Clair agreed too provided a document for guidance for BLOG writing to provide to working group chairs, so they can submit BLOGs with their deliverables.

Judith Fleenorasked if REBECCA Davis-SUSKINDmight be a good editor to help the BLOG writers.

GHP Op Eds

Judith Fleenorexplained that with the GHP release we decided not to do our own release, but just align with the ID2020 press release with the thought that we could follow up with Op Eds on the topics that we want to push forward.  So we need to Brainstorm on those possible topics.

Kaliya Young shared that CCI/LF .. that the PR entity they work with ... part of what they do for them is help us write op eds and they just sent a copy of not so much an op ED it's a very it's an article. Jenny manages the relationship with the the external PR company that we work with and they wrote a thing, and I just read it, for the first time today and it looks for okay it's sort of covers the difference between like vc I and for credentials format and also touches on a little bit on the dangers of qr codes.

Kaliya Young I'll just speak with only my chairing the working group hat on and say, I think that it's important, I think, explaining the flow from certificates and credentials with lots of information to something for a specific context is a really important distinction that hasn't been communicated wel.  The WHO I don't know if people have read the World Health Organization recommendations that came out last week... um there they they have a like a page and a half, all about how health passes are dangerous and should be avoided, while at the same time creating a phone home architecture for certificates. So it's very, to me, it's super confused guidance to countries, so I think it would be really helpful to come out with a really high level super simple explainer.  Take all of these things that have lots of information about people put them through a rules engine and get passes for specific things whether it's going to a football stadium or getting into a rock concert or getting on an airplane andmake the case for the architectures we're proposing at in a public and a public forum, I think that would be really helpful.

Ajay Madhokagreed with Kaliya adding... What I was thinking is that there are lots of digital passport like initiatives you know, Estonia, Lithuania, you know they started, there are lots of these attempts to, what drummond and I called last year - reopen the economy right, but the central themes from a consumer perspective equality. You know, privacy or surveillance interoperability governance right.   So what if the opposite essentially explains the goals the approaches the issues and something which actually is a real real solution which is our solution, and you know John had talked extensively about it in the early days right there is a lot of expertise and materials we already have, so that might make a good option. Because you're giving a horizontal perspective, where you are acknowledging everything that is happening and you included, everything that is happening in the tech world Microsoft's efforts, Oracle's efforts, IBM suffered right and you're saying hey but the goals remain the same, from a user perspective, the quality, previously interoperability, etc. right.

Judith Fleenor So with that Op Ed that Kaliya Young  has mentioned and  Ajay Madhok has mentioned, who are the people that would be the subject matter experts in that to be able to write or talk with the profesioal writer to create such Op Eds?

Kaliya Young shared that for the one CCI/FL is putting out, they interviewed her and then did ghostwriting to create the the article.

Judith Fleenor asked who would be the best voice for an article like those suggested to come from.  

Suggestions were Marie Wallace,maybe John Jordan, civil society groups haven't really engaged at all yet.

John Jordan said it would be difficult for him right now.

Kaliya Young mentioned it was hard for Public Health Officials and the technologist of Public Health department to know what to do now, and to understand the differences between options.  She feels beyond Op Eds we need to communicate to them directly with some informative pieces.

John Jordan said the Blueprint does that, but it is long.

Judith Fleenor agreed, they weren't going to read 180 pages to try to understand, so know ToIP could to create some short explanation pieces.

Drummond Reed Well, actually, I mean interesting enough that we did produce call an executive summary and we just produce it out of the working group. That would be a great thing to link to a blog post, Op Ed, whatever... Something short that can be read and which, of course, then points to something long where you can deep dive in as deep as you want, so that would be, it would be great pair of things to.   To put out and again it's just exclusively working group we don't have to you know what can be best for the Members that are well invest in it so anyway that's that's my point of view is...let's charge forward and and create those two things and do i'm not signing up to read your one.

Judith Fleenor asked Kaliya Young to email her a list of people who would be good to write such short pieces.

Use of our Logo and mentions of ToIP on members websites/BLOGs

Judith Fleenor forgot to bring this topic up.

Website Continuous Improvement

Judith Fleenor Suggested that we wait a few months and then review the website again at that time.

Drummond Reed Felt there are changes needed now, and agreed to make a simple list of the things that needed immediate updating.

Ajay Madhok agreed to put the current Website Content into workflowy.

Action Items:

  • Action Item: Drummond Reedto work with RJ Reiseron Approved Deliverable Template Judith Fleenorto check with Seth about required legal language.
  • Action Item: Ajay Madhokto provide info graphic for the Year in Review BLOG Post
  • Action Item: Jim St.Clair to provided a document for guidance for BLOG writing to provide to working group chairs, so they can submit BLOGs with their deliverables.
  • Action item: Kaliya Youngto send Judith the list of people who would be the best Subject Mater experts for Op Eds and Short Pieces.
  • Action Item: Drummond Reed to take a pass at any immediate updates needed on the website
  • Action Item: Ajay Madhok to update Workflowy with the current content of the website.