5 minWelcome & Antitrust Policy NoticeJudith Fleenor
5 min AnnouncementsJudith Fleenor
30 minSpecial Topic:  Trust Registries
10 minOpen DiscussionAll

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Judith Fleenormade made the following announcements:

  • The Updated ToIP Website has launched, take a look enjoy the new design, content and interactive infographic.  
  • The next New Members Orientation is scheduled for Friday, August 27th at 9am PT, see ToIP Calendar for Zoom Link

Carly Huitemamade an announcement about Petter Wittenburg speaking at the Storage and Portability TF meeting on Sept 13th

Kaliya Youngmade an announcement on behalf of the Guardianship Addendum Task Force.

Special Topic - Trust Registries:

  • Trust Registry TF co-chair Darrell O'Donnell
     introduced the overall concept of trust registries and the special role they play in ToIP architecture.
  • Trust Registry TF co-chair Drummond Reed
    explained the unique way in which trust registries integrate the two halves of the ToIP stack, i.e., bring together the technical “tools” with the governance “rules”.
  • Lucy Yang, Community Director of Covid Credentials Initiative (CCI)
    and staff at Linux Foundation Public Health (LFPH)
    explained the business reasons why trust registries are at the core of the LFPH’s Global COVID Certificate Network (GCCN) project.
  • John Walker, Community Architect of CCI and staff at LFPH,
    explained how GCCN is tackling the task of offering a global directory of trust registries for COVID-19 certificates.

Watch the recording for the rich discussion.


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