August 6, 2021



  • Peter Stoyko,
  • Alex Metcalf


20 minUpdated Website - Draft/Sandbox Review

Judith Fleenor
Alex Metcalf and Peter Stoyko (Guests)

10 min

Website Update Discussion and content creation


4 minAction Item Update - ToIP Year in Review
5 min

Good Health Pass Press Launch Update

(couldn't attend No Update happened
1 minGood Health Pass FAQ Blog or PageKaliya Young
5 minBlogs for Deliverables
1 minInvitation to Foundational White Paper Community Review
15 minOpen Discussion All
1 minWrap up




  • Agenda Topics (pdf):


Updated Website - Draft/Sandbox Review and Discussion:

Development Version:

1) we are creating new content to be more fit/beneficial

2) Peter Stoyko’s design work

Section: Why TOIP?

  • Gone with large panel/storefront window approach for intrigue
  • Page needs to get people interested and engaged
  • Flexible feature panel
  • New font/content
  • Different levels of membership

Section: The Model

  • Interactive
  • Smooth and responsive

Content Gaps:

  • Still need to look at the target audience
  • Why are they coming to the site?
  • What are we trying to say?


  • Peter’s design of color scheme/ fonts

3 Strands:

  • Emerging design element
  • Content considerations
  • Homepage approach

Website Update Discussion and content creation:

Layout: approved


  • Drummond Reed appreciated that they are aligned with Peter’s work
  • Looks professional/clean
  • Daniel Bachenheimer everything flows nicely
  • Judith Fleenor loves the characters, however, would like to see more real-world people involved
  • David Lucatch believes that we should implement logos of members to increase credibility/ Showing our partners creates interest
  • Ajay Madhok is in favor of using logos, perhaps all within the same color scheme
  • Peter Stoyko: illustration design is custom for ToIP to build brand awareness/ illustrations help to integrate and create a friendly feel
  • Peter is not apposed to spot photography/ but avoid cliches “smiling women eating salad”
  • Peter: we can use a textured background and using the illustrations in the draft invite more room to impose future design elements


  • Need lots of work on the “Why ToIP” section
  • Daniel Bachenheimer struggling with what the benefits are of a member vs. non-member
  • Daniel Bachenheimer should we reference ISO standards rather than write a standard?
  • Judith Fleenor content can always be changed/improved. Can we forge ahead with what we have thus far to get the site launched/
  • John Jordan, Daniel Bachenheimer , Alex to work together and work on 2-page content for the launch
  • Ajay Madhok showcased the workflow page for editing/ will share the Dev site link with the group in chat

ToIP Year in Review:

  • David Lucatch Has all input/comments
  • Draft out by Monday/Tuesday evening
  • Then we can discuss the infographic with Ajay
  • We may add this to the homepage of new website, so that

Good Health Pass Press Launch Update:

  • Drummond Reed : WHO released guidelines for digital documentation of Covid credentials
  • We need something for passes not just certificates
  • Revisions are being made within the group
  • Judith Fleenor  will circle back with Jim St.Clair 
  • Are we able to put GHP release as a link on the current website? Tuesday, Aug 10th once out to the press and live we can add it to the website
  • Agreed that we should reach out to all ToIP members with the link and allow for blog posts
  • FAQs link in chat/ Please get back to Kaliya by EOD Monday if there are questions or concerns
  • Post as a blog in news or link as an FAQ? Link the FAQ within the blog - decided

Blogs for Deliverables:

  • Need to have rolling content
  • Deliverables need to be monthly if not weekly
  • WG chairs need to be consistent
  • Drummond Reed WG should be responsible for raw content monthly / deadline-driven
  • Chairs can post to the wiki page, then we can get an editor involved

Action Items:

  • Action Item:John Jordan, Daniel Bachenheimer , Alex to work together and work on 2-page content for the launch
  • Action Item: David Lucatchto have ToIP Year in Review draft by Tuesday evening (Aug 10th)
  • Action item: Judith Fleenor to circle back with Jim St. Clair regarding GHP release