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Main Goal of this Meeting:

Discuss glossary wiki strategy and documentation; agreed on next steps for building out the documentation so full work on glossary wikis can commence.


5 min
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  • Welcome
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  • Introduction of New Members
  • Agenda review
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30 mins

Review the new Terms Wikis page on the Confluence wiki

  • Does it make sense?
  • What changes should be made?
  • What other terms wiki documentation pages are needed?
  • Who is able to volunteer for terms wiki documentation?
10 mins

Jumpstarting a terms wiki from a Google doc glossary

  • This is a suggestion Drummond has heard from several prospective terms wiki authors now
  • The basic idea is that, when first creating a glossary, it is much easier to do the "sausage making" inside a single shared document such as a Google doc
  • A single doc makes it much faster to move around between terms, see how well definitions fit together, identify where new terms are needed, add cross-references, have discussions about terms, etc.
  • The drafting of the Good Health Pass Glossary is a classic example
  • Then the ideal design would be if the ToIP Term tool had a function where it could ingest a Google doc-based glossary into the CTWG corpus and optionally output a GitHub terms wiki at the same time
  • At that point the glossary community could move into "maintenance mode" in which further revisions are managed via the glossary wiki
10 mins

Next steps with the ToIP Term tool

  • What specific milestones do we need to reach with terms wikis (and other topics) to finalize the ToIP Term tool spec and pull the trigger on the bounty?

5 minsReview of decisions and action items and planning for next meeting Chairs


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  1. New members
    1. Vikas Malhotra- Founder of startup with mission to establish trust, last 15 years working at Microsoft part of engineering team responsible for market expansion for O365, worked with architecture, related to cybersecurity.
  2. Agenda item 1: Review the new Terms Wikis page on the Confluence wiki

Purpose of the CTWG is to make it easy to define terminology for members of ToIP, and in wider identity community.  Aim of the Wiki is to make it easy to use, and then to generate github glossaries etc

We do terminology differently, each group has a terminology to serve a specific purpose, or different terminologies for different purposes.  Challenging concept for people to understand that there are different understandings of terminology depending on their perspectives. 

Term Wikis are for drafting the terminology of the various groups, and enabling the term pages be referenced in documents.  We are developing tools to support this. We envisage a tool to enable 'terminology of terminologies' - from this corpus of all the terms in all the terminologies which can be queried that will extract a group of terms that you need to write a particular document, this could then become a new corpus that becomes the terminology for a given purpose.  Still many open questions and some work to do on the tools.  Want to make all authors' lives as simple as possible.  Wiki removes some of the barriers to using these tools. e.g. learning ML

  • Does it make sense?
  • What changes should be made?
  • What other glossary wiki documentation pages are needed? 
    • Nicky  - Potentially workflow
  • Who is able to volunteer for glossary wiki documentation?

Demonstration set-up Yoma Glossary Wiki.  Experiment with glossary tools and process in Yoma GF.


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Action Items

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