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Agenda Items

Time ItemWho
2 minWelcome & Antitrust Policy NoticeTrev

Work on blog articleeveryone


  • Antitrust and IPR announcement.
  • Today is continued work on the blog post.
  • Had a short discussion regarding the way ISO meetings work.
  • We started the discussion in the section “Why we chose to adopt the ToIP model?”
  • The next section we looked at was around the adoption of JSON-LD BBS+.
  • The blueprint outline asked that we decide on the form of VCs, not that the group consider all other possible options.
  • Had a discussion regarding the definition for “phone home” that is used in this blog post.
  • Talked about selective disclosure and ZKPs as they relate to JSON-LD BBS+.
  • Worked on the section regarding the adoption of WACI PEx.
  • The document does need a copy edit pass. We will solicit the group to help with this.
  • Daniel asked if we should reorder some of the sections. We had a discussion on this.

Chat Log

00:08:29	Trev Harmon:
00:43:47	Daniel Bachenheimer (Accenture):

Action Items

  1. Kaliya will talk with the communication committee.