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Agenda Items

Time ItemWho
2 minWelcome & Antitrust Policy NoticeTrev

Working on blog articleeveryone


  • Antitrust and IPR announcement.
  • Kaliya provided some information about the other blog post from the ToIP Steering Committee meetings.
  • We will need to check to see what the process is in order to get this blog post posted within the ToIP framework.
  • Trev discussed the experience getting a mobile driver’s license yesterday.
  • We worked on the question regarding the use of blockchains.
  • Next was a discussion regarding the use of the ToIP model.
  • We next worked on the sections regarding BBS+ and WACI PEx.
  • We are getting close on getting this finished.

Chat Log

00:07:30	Trev Harmon:

Action Items

  1. We’ll meet on Friday.
  2. Kaliya is going to ping Judith and Drummond regarding how to get this blog post through the process once it’s ready to go.