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Agenda Items

Time ItemWho
2 minWelcome & Antitrust Policy NoticeTrev

Work on the blog post regarding choices made in the blueprinteveryone


  • Antitrust and IPR announcement
  • We are working on the blog post addressing the protocol choices that were made during the creation of the blueprint.
  • Regarding the question about W3C Web Authentication, it was suggested that Brent would be the best person to answer this. We took a quick look at the spec, and started putting together an answer. It is web based, and designed specifically for authentication.
  • Next we discussed why we didn’t recommend the ISO mDL standard. We talked about the different parts of ISO 18013.
  • Looked at the mdoc proposal:
    It appears to be a complete alternative to VCs.
  • It’s not clear how this works with selective disclosure.

Chat Log

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Action Items

  1. Everyone continue work on the blog post.