June 11, 2021



  • Peter Stoyko,
  • Alex Andrade-Walz


20 minPresentation Templates and Assets

Peter Stoyko (Guest)

10 min

Action Item Update:  Website Update Discussion

Judith Fleenor Rebecca, Alex, Ken and ALL

5 minAction Item Update - ToIP Year in Review Jim St. Clair, Drummond Reed, David Lucatch
5 min

Action Item Blog Post for GHP

Daniel Bachenheime and All
5 minAction Item Update - Press Policy "Success Criteria for PR"Alex Andrade-Wal and All
5 minAction Item Update: Talking Points 
5 minOpen Discussion All
1 minWrap upJudith Fleenor



  • Use password: A@7j7An*


  • Agenda Topics (pdf):


ToIP Year in Review:

Blog for GHP:

  • Daniel Bachenheimer - has prepared
  • The initial draft for the blog announcing the publication of the GHPC has been sent out via this link:
  • 2 weeks ago, we discussed creating a PR from the committee about the final release
  • Several members have made track changes on the draft, and it is looking strong
  • What channels do we distribute this on?
  • The cutoff date for members to review and approve will be Monday, June 28th
  • Action Item: Deadline- review draft by 3 pm EST Monday, June 28th, 2021

Press Policy:

  • Alex Andrade-Walz- Intro
  • Drummond Reed : we need to adopt a policy for when a member needs a quote/ when non-members need a quote/ and for an expedited policy for turn around
  • Judith Fleenor : need the x, y, z of the effort?
  • Action item: Drummond Reed will make the connection between Alex and a team member to discuss

Talking Points:

  • Wenjing Chu has sent out some proposed “talking Points “regarding the GHP
  • Recognized the need to for short and coherent messaging especially in regards to social media
  • 2nd set of talking points should be made for ToIP in general
  • Resource to be made available to the blog post for the community to access
  • This will include hashtags
  • Drummond Reed : talking points and blog need to be congruent
  • Action Item: Wenjing Chu to work on finalizing for the committee to review for Monday, June 28th, 2021

Presentation Slides from Peter Stoyko:

  • Please refer to the recording for the presentation

Action Items: