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April 30, 2021



3 minWelcome & Antitrust Notice

D Luchuk

30 min

Infographic - final comments

P Stoyko & All

10 minUpdate - SSI Orbit - recording sessionsD Luchuk
10 min

Sovrin - Letter of Agreement - announcements

D Luchuk
5 minRequest - Identity North & World Legal Summit D Luchuk
2 minWrap up 

D Luchuk



  • Agenda Topics (pdf):


1. Infographic - final comments

  • David Luchuk welcomed Peter Stoyko (Elanica) and invited him to discuss updates to the technical stack version of the Trust over IP infographic as well as introduce a first iteration of the "spatial scrolling" view via provided in the consumer-focused version.
  • Peter Stoyko explained that the consumer version integrates many ideas into concrete situational use cases and presents the stack in more of a logical sequence that will make sense to users as a narrative. A revised version of this consumer-focused graphic is expected to be ready by May 7.
  • Drummond Reedasked how different user scenarios will be presented in the consumer version of the infographic.
    • Peter explained that users will be able to navigate at the front end of the graphic.
  • Drummond Reedasked how the governance aspect will fit into the consumer focused version.
    • Peter explained that it will be peripheral, allowing a view of the system to unfold based on where in the spatial narrative a user chooses to go.
  • Wenjing Churaised a concern about how ledgers are depicted. Based on the current presentation, beginners may have the misconception that credentials are being saved in the ledger. This misunderstanding needs to be avoided.
    • Peter agrees to work on elements of the graphic that can be improved to prevent this misunderstanding.
  • Ajay Madhokasked if the graphic can show the difference between approaches today and the benefits of the new model.
    • Peter suggested the consumer view would highlight benefits in this way.
  • Kimberly Linsonsuggested this sort of product would have been especially helpful for her upon first joining the community.
  • Anna Johnson raised a concern over misrepresenting the role of the ledger in the model and compatibility with the trust triangle.
  • Daniel Bachenheimerasked whether the Foundation will be able to edit, update, revise the final pair of infographics.
    • Peter advised that the final product would be editable as a web-app.
  •  John Jordansuggested the committee considers options for developing a narrated video based on the final infographics.
  • David Luchukconfirmed that committee members would have until Wed May 5 to provide comments in the shared GDoc aimed at helping finalize the products.

2. Update - SSI Orbit - recording sessions

  • David Luchukadvised that participants topics and dates/times for recording sessions have been put in place for the first ToIP-themed episode of the SSI orbit podcast.

3. Sovrin - Letter of Agreement - announcements

  • David Luchuk provided an overview of activity aimed at announcing the recently signed Letter of Agreement between Trust over IP and Sovrin via a blog post and social media channels. The first draft of a post will be written by Sovrin then reviewed/finalized with ToIP.
  • David Lucatch offered to participate in the review and finalization of the blog post for this announcement.

4. Request - Identity North & World Legal Summit

  • David Luchuk advised the committee that Trust over IP has been invited to participate in panels at two upcoming events.
  • Identity North has asked for ToIP members to lead a panel focusing on, among other topics, the Good Health Pass.
  • World Legal Summit has asked ToIP members to participate in a panel about legislative and regulatory frameworks that support verifiable credentials and decentralized identity.
  • Committee members indicated consensus support for both requests. 

Action items

  • David Luchuk to contact representatives from Identity North and World Legal Summit to indicate ToIP's support for their requests.
  • David Luchuk to issue reminders to committee members in advance of the May 5 deadline for comments to finalize infographics.