2 minWelcome & Antitrust Policy NoticeD Luchuk
5 minProject Charter (JDF 5.0)D Luchuk
10 minGood Health Pass - UpdateK Young 
15 min Internet Identity Workshop  - TakeawaysAll
5 minLetter of Agreement - Sovrin/ToIPD Luchuk
5 minTransition - Program ManagerD Luchuk
2 minOpen DiscussionAll

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Project Charter (JDF 5.0)

  • David Luchuk advised that, as of April 9 2021, the revised project Charter (referred to as the JDF 5.0 version) is officially in effect.
  • Most members will not experience any change to their activity within Trust over IP because the terms that govern contributions to Working Group deliverables have not changed.
  • New features such as an appeal process for Steering decisions, a Code of Conduct and simpler administrative measures for Working Groups will be beneficial to the community.

Good Health Pass - Update

  • David Luchuk invited leads from the Good Health Pass working group to speak to progress being made across the nine active drafting groups.
  • Kaliya Young indicated that now is the perfect time to for members to participate and provide feedback on draft products. Progress being made across all drafting groups highlights the opportunity reflected in the Good Health Pass for people to connect in privacy-respecting, dignity-uplifting ways that reduce the potential for harm.
  • Sumiran Garg asked what the utility will be for published deliverables; who will consume them?
    • Kaliya Young specified there would be various audiences, and that products can be applied by airlines and governments as well as companies: a lens and system-blueprint that can be shared by many.
  • Drummond Reed presented an over-arching issuer-holder-verifier diagram that reflects an architecture that can be apllied broadly across many use cases, even though the initial focus has been on international travel.

Internet Identity Workshop  - Takeaways 

  • David Luchuk invited members to share their reflections and takeaways form the recent Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) event.
  • Daniel Bachenheimer discussed how IIW allowed him to participate in a discussion about previous models developed by Kaliya Young and reframe them in a new light.
  • Paul Knowles observed that many IIW participants were concerned about the size of messages being carried by QR Codes, and that space is opening in the community for more focus on data exchange and consent models.
  • Ken Adler indicated his main takeaway was the rich discussion about cryptographic accumulators and the relationships built by digging into this question.
  • Drummond Reed discussed the Good Health Pass Governance Architecture, which was presented at the event, and suggested that Good Health Pass was a poster child for the usefulness of the Trust over IP model and approach.
  • Sumiran Garg commented that the QiqoChat integration presentation and discussion led by Mike Vesey and Karl Kneis was a highlight of her first IIW.

Letter of Agreement - Sovrin/ToIP 

  • David Luchuk provided an update on the Letter of Agreement that is now signed by both Trust over IP and Sovrin Foundation, which establishes mutual support for each organziation's mandate and sets parameters for proactive collaboration.
  • Joint announcements will be developed in the near-term.

Transition - Program Manager 

  • David Luchuk explained that a transition will take place in the Program Manager function at Trust over IP as of May 19 2021. Linux Foundation is fully committed to providing Trust over IP with the support it requires to continue advancing its important objectives.
  • Seth Newberry, Execute Director of JDF at Linux Foundation, indicated that deep experience in standards development and a team-based approach to supporting the community will be introduced. All activities at Trust over IP must keep the community's long-term goals front-of-mind.


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