April 16, 2021



3 minWelcome & Antitrust Notice

D Luchuk

30 min

Infographic - interactive presentation

P Stoyko

10 minUpdates - SSI Orbit & Letter of Agreement w SovrinD Luchuk
10 min

Discussion - branded media

5 minDiscussion - ToIP at IIWAll
2 minNext meeting

D Luchuk



  • Agenda Topics (pdf):


1. Infographic - interactive presentation

  • David Luchuk welcomed Peter Stoyko (Elanica) and invited him to present the updated, interactive version of the new Trust over IP infographic.
  • Peter Stoyko discussed his approach to ensuring diversity in characterizations and the importance of input from the Committee on the technical infographic to help inform completion of the second, consumer-focused graphic. He presented a fully-functional graphic with animation and call-outs to assist user navigation and understanding.
  • Committee members signalled that some adjustments to the language used and explanation of the dual-stack model would be required to finalize the product.
    • Drummond Reed suggested creating a single Google doc where members can consolidate all comments and suggestions.
  • Drummond Reedasked how the infographic could be used for static presentations.
    • Peter Stoyko suggested that all images, fully expanded, could be presented together or individual cells be presented as a sequence.
  • Peter indicated that a complete usable version of the infographic would be available by Wed April 21.
  • Strong support was signalled by Committee members for the work completed and infographic product.

2. Updates - SSI Orbit & Letter of Agreement w Sovrin

  • David Luchuk explained that a roundtable of ToIP members and discussions with EFWG to identify ecosystem projects were progressing to support ToIP-themed episodes of the SSI Orbit podcast.
  • He also confirmed that the ToIP/Sovrin Letter of Agreement was fully signed, and discussions with Sovrin would proceed toward making a joint announcement.

3. Discussion - branded media

  • David Luchuk described the common desire among all ToIP members to use communications products to promote the dual-stack model, the solutions being developed collaboratively and the drive new membership. However, in recent discussions, some members have raised the question of how to balance promoting the Foundation with promoting the banded communication products of competitors in the market.
  • Jim St.Clair offered the example of ACT/IAC as an association of competing firms where anti-trust terms protect participants and all benefit from shared promotion/communication.
  • Will Groahsuggested that, with so many competitors in ToIP, maintaining a focus on core topics such as technical interoperability will make it easier to generate shared benefits from communications products.
  • David Luchukindicated this question would be revisited. Due to time constraints, the discussion was deferred.

4. Discussion - ToIP at IIW

  • David Luchuk discussed the expected level of ToIP participation at the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) on Apr 20-22, and asked whether the committee had views on specific messaging that should be shared during the event.
  • Drummond Reedindicated that IIW should be a very busy event and continue providing an excellent forum for participants to make important anoncements. He asked whether it would be possible for Peter Stoyko to make the ToIP infographic available for presentation during the event.
    • Peter Stoyko agreed it would be made available during IIW on either Apr 21 or 22.

Action items

  • David Luchuk to prepare a Google Doc for members to provide comments and suggestions re: infographic to Peter Stoyko.