April 02, 2021



3 minWelcome & Antitrust Notice

D Luchuk

10 minGood Health Pass - press release - For Discussion


10 minToIP/Sovrin Agreement - announcement - For DiscussionD Luchuk
10 min

SSI Orbit Podcast -

J Jordan
5 minSecureKey - announcement and quote - For InformationD Luchuk
5 min

Financially Speaking - interview w John Jordan - For Information

D Luchuk
2 minNext meeting

D Luchuk



  • Agenda Topics (pdf):


1. Good Health Pass - press release - For Discussion

  • David Luchuk provided an update on the launch of nine Drafting Groups under the Good Health Pass Working Group, and ongoing discussions about the content and timing of a possible public announcement from ToIP/ID2020/Linux/CCI.
  • Drummond Reed indicated that timing for an announcement was still being determined, and will partly be influenced by Charles Walton's discussions with leaders at VCI.
  • Chris Ingrao suggested the Communications Committee would benefit from having a decision framework to ensure timely action is taken on items like announcements.
  • Drummond Reed emphasized that the key message for any announcement should be unity among organizations. This is counter to the media trend toward reporting on discord rather than cooperation.
  • Kaliya Young suggested that, as an alternative to seeking broad visibility with a media wire release, organizations could use blogs on their websites to promote and discuss the collaboration.
  • Kaliya Young also emphasized the need for leaders of this initiative to have a safety plan in place in the event their personal safety is put at risk due to publicity associated with Good Health Pass.
    • All agreed to the need for a plan to be in place, and that Linux Foundation would take the lead preparing this safety plan.
    • David Luchukconfirmed that a budget proposal could be put to the ToIP Steering Committee for contingency funding.
  • Jim St.Clair suggested posting and commenting on social media to promote the ToIP view, framework and approach to Good Health Pass credentials and also clarify how it is different from, for example, the approach promoted by VCI.
  • Drummond Reed endorsed the idea of creating a blog post for the ToIP website emphasizing interoperability and the role our Foundation is playing in Good Health Pass.

2. ToIP/Sovrin Agreement - announcement - For Discussion

  • David Luchuk indicated that Chris Raczkowski has suggested Sovrin Foundation take the lead in developing a PR approach and messaging to promote the recently approved Letter of Agreement between ToIP and Sovrin.
  • John Jordan emphasized that the Letter of Agreement, and related announcements, will help clarify the different roles each organization plays in the market.
  • Kaliya Young shared her view that, if this clarification occurs, it will be a positive step for both Sovrin and ToIP.
  • Committee members supported the idea of Sovrin sharing a proposed approach and material to promote the Letter of Agreement.

3. SSI Orbit Podcast -

  • David Luchuk shared a plan for ToIP themed episodes of the SSI Orbit podcast, including one ToIP-101 session and as many as three ecosystem-focused episodes that will need to be discussed with the leads of the EFWG. This plan was developed by Mathieu Glaudein collaboration with committee vice-Chairs Ajay Madhokand Will Groah
  • Ajay Madhok clarified the motivation for this sequence of episodes is based, in part, on themes in the Editorial Calendar.
  • Will Groah added that the intent is to align the SSI Orbit episodes with current initiatives and important messaging for ToIP. These podcasts could off a way of promoting, for example, the Good Health Pass work with less publicity than a media wire release. It would also be possible to use transcripts from the podcasts in conjunction with new infographic being finalized by Peter Stoyko.
  • Committee members supported the plan for SSI Orbit. EFWG to be consulted on ecosystem episodes.

4. SecureKey - announcement and quote - For Information

  • David Luchuk explained that SecureKey has joined ToIP as part of the Good Health Pass Working Group. SecureKey has indicated they plan to make an announcement about joining ToIP (including using the ToIP logo), and requested a quote from the Foundation in support.
  • Committee members confirmed that quotes from ToIP leadership are not provided to new Contributor members, and there is no need for SecureKey to seek approval from this committee for its announcement. 
  • David Luchuk will share the Linux Foundation logo usage policy with SecureKey representatives.

5. Financially Speaking - interview w John Jordan - For Information  

  • David Luchuk shared materials and the release plan (April 7) for the Financially Speaking YouTube episode featuring an interview with John Jordan
  • Both final edited video and raw unedited files, for ToIP re-use, have been provided by FinLit project per the agreement for this activity.

6. Open Discussion

  • Daniel Bachenheimerintroduced the IDUnion website and explicit reference it makes to ToIP as an international standard this European organization intends to follow.
  • Drummond Reedintroduced DIDAS, a Swiss association focused on Layer 1 utilities as well as Layer 4 ecosystems that has recently joined ToIP and will be invited to make a presentation at an upcoming EFWG meeting.

Action items

  • David Luchuk to share the Linux Foundation logo usage policy with SecureKey.