March 19, 2021



3 minWelcome & Antitrust Notice

D Luchuk

20 minUpdate w P Stoyko - Deliverables

P Stoyko

10 minSSI Orbit - Volunteers and Next Steps D Luchuk
10 min

BC Digital Trust - website concept

J Jordan
10 minProposal - National System "2-pager"D Luchuk
5 min

Logo usage and member logos on website 

D Luchuk
2 minNext meeting

D Luchuk



  • Agenda Topics (pdf):


1. Update w P Stoyko - Deliverables

  • Peter Stoyko addressed the committee, offering an opportunity to provide feedback on style and interactive elements related to the ToIP infographic.
    • A complete version of the infographic that can be manipulated and tested by committee members will be available to the next meeting.
  •  Intent is to create clarity for users by adopting a show-don't-tell approach to visually explaining layers of the ToIP dual-stack.
  • Will Groahasked if it may be possible to layer-in audio
    • In future iterations, yes.
  • Chris Ingraoasked if the infographic will feature visual cues/indicators on the left side to show how technical elements interact with governance.
    • Yes, but elements on the left side may be minimized depending on where in the stack a user is "clicking."
  • Drummond Reedsuggested ToIP may want to produce a narrated-tour video that walks users through the final infographic.
    • Will Groah adds that elements from the Editorial Calendar can also be linked to relevant parts of the infographic 
  • John Jordanasked if it will be possible to convey how different governed-elements, such as corporate registration and vaccination authorization, link together in a credential.
    • To be determined.
  • General agreement among members that the work will be useful to ToIP and has been well-executed under terms of the contract.

2. SSI Orbit - Volunteers and Next Steps  

  • David Luchuk asked for volunteers to work directly with Mathieu Glaude (NorthernBlock) to finalize the agendas and plan for a ToIP-themed episode (or episodes) of SSI Orbit podcast.
  • Will Groah indicated he would be interested in seeing these podcasts tied back to themes in the Editorial Calendar.
  •  David Luchukto revisit/re-issue call for volunteers.

3. BC Digital Trust - website concept

  • John Jordanprovided a walk-through of concept website concept (not yet publicly viewable) for Digital Trust services based on BC experience.
  • Approach could be relevant for ToIP in updating its own website, making use of the new infographic and conveying how digital trust ecosystems are emerging based on the dual-stack model.
  • Strong interest in exploring this idea.
  • John Jordanto determine whether the same individual who developed the concept website may be available to work with P Stoyko to adapt the infographic.

4. Proposal - National System "2-pager"

  • David Luchuk explained that, following ToIP's submission to a Government of Ontario (Canada) market consultation and more recent meeting with the UK Government to discuss their identity framework, a recommendation was made that a brochure-style 2-pager be developed.
  • The intent of this material would be to present ToIP's views and recommendations for developing national systems based on the dual-stack model.
  • John Jordansuggested he may be able to bring members of his team at BC Government into this work.
  • Kaliya Young shared a recent presentation with officials from Government of Thailand where this sort of product could have helped.
  • General agreement among members to pursue this as a Communications product.
  • David Luchukto seek volunteers to help develop the material for review/approval.

5. Logo usage and member logos on website  

  • David Luchuk revisited the topic of ToIP's logo usage policy and the recommended approach put forward by Linux Foundation.
  • The committee agreed by consensus to adopt this approach.
  • David Luchukintroduced the question of whether Contributor member logos should all be displayed on the ToIP website.
    • This item was deferred for time.

Action items

  • David Luchukto re-issue call for volunteers for SSI orbit podcast.
  • David Luchukto create a notification for all members re:logo usage.
  • John Jordanto inquire whether colleagues at BC Government may be available to liaise with P Stoyko and work on National Systems product.