2 minWelcome & Antitrust Policy NoticeD Luchuk
5 minToIP Charter - features and effective dateD Luchuk
5 minGood Health Pass - UpdateD Reed 
30 min Working Group - UpdatesWG leads
5 minDeliverables PortalD Luchuk
5 minIIW - Spring '21 SessionD Luchuk
2 minOpen DiscussionD Luchuk

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ToIP Charter

  • David Luchuk explained that, following Steering Committee approval on March 10, ToIP will be adopting a new Project Charter that aligns with other projects under Linux Foundation/JDF.
  • The benefits of this new charter will include simpler on-boarding for Working Groups, a Code of Conduct and an appeals process for decisions.
  • Per the current plan, the revised Project Charter will be in effect on April 9, at which time the Human Experience Working Group will officially be launched. 
  • Drummond Reed asked whether this change would have any operational impact on members contributing to existing Working Groups.
    • David Luchuk indicated that it would not result in immediate operational changes for members. 

Good Health Pass - Update

  • David Luchuk explained that the approach to ToIP's role in the Good Health Pass Collaborative has been evolving, and the current plan is for as many as nine drafting groups to be hosted by our Foundation.
  • Drummond Reed discussed the scope of work that will take place at ToIP under very tight timelines, and introduced a proposal for a new Working Group to be established in which this activity will be coordinated and deliverables approved.
    • This proposal will need to go to Steering Committee for approval.
  • Dan Bachenheimer asked how leads will be assigned, and how members will be able to join, this Working Group.
    • Drummond Reed confirmed there would be no change from how this occurs with existing Working Groups. 
  • Karl Kneis asked for clarification on the thinking behind creating a new Working Group rather than maintaining the previous plan to launch a Task Force under the EFWG. he also observed this creates a precedent that could affect proposals for other large ecosystem projects.
  • Drummond Reed explained that the approach resulted from recent discussions with ID2020 and Linux Foundation about the scope and scale of work, and the potential for a Task Force to be overloaded with the number of drafting groups and new contributors coming to ToIP from the Good Health Pass Collaborative.
  • Charles Walton added that, with over 75 organizations already part of the Collaborative, this represents a good opportunity to bring new companies into ToIP.

Working Group - Deliverables and Upcoming Work 

  • David Luchuk invited leads from all Working Groups to provide an update on deliverables and upcoming work.  

Governance Stack WG

  • Drummond Reed emphasized the importance of the "Big 4" deliverables with a particular emphasis on upcoming work to revise ToIP's introductory whitepaper to better reflect our progress.
  • Scott Perry discussed the launch of a Trust Assurance Task Force and on-going efforts to pressure-test process and roles definitions against the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework.

Technology Stack WG

  • Darrel O'Donnell highlighted the importance of on-going interoperabilty testing work across all layers of the stack, and indicated there is a strong desire to introduce additional TIPs to the Working Groups' activities.
  • Dan Gisolfi added that six companies are currently peer testing/certifying interoperabilty against the Saturn V "recipe" and all members are encouraged to join this detailed, granular work. He also referred member to the Deliverables Portal for a live view of all deliverables in progress.

Utility Foundry WG

  • Mathieu Glaude explained that, with three active Task Forces, this Working Group is focused on producing material that introduces organizations and utility operators to their assessment tool and factors for understanding whether a utility is decentralized.
  • The group is planning a learning session in the coming weeks and will soon be reaching out to members for feedback on its work and deliverables.

Ecosystem Foundry WG

  • Karl Kneis discussed the variety of products being developed under the Solution Pack for ecosystem projects, and recognized the important contribution from Karen Hand on the process for developing whitepapers. He also highlighted emerging ecosystem projects being developed within the group.
  • The Ecosystem Foundry WG has several deliverables currently open for community review, including governance frameworks and whitepapers.  
  • New deliverables and projects being developed will benefit from community support and contributions from members.

Inputs and Semantics WG

  • Paul Knowles discussed how both the Inputs and Semantic domains, under this Working Group, contribute to the aim of fostering a dynamic data economy.
  • On the Semantic side, Paul Knowles introduced the semantic harmonization envisioned under the Master Mouse Model whitepaper, currenly being developed, and on-going work on a FIHR-to-OCA RFC which could offered a unified model for initiatives such as Good Health Pass. He also emphasized the importance of better aligning this work with Working Groups and Task Forces across ToIP.
  • On the Inputs side, he explained that a new wiki page is being created to help define different types of identifiers and that new Task Forces for Internet-of-Things as well as Harmonization will soon be launched.

Concepts and Terminology WG 

  • Drummond Reed discussed work to build a utility that will serve the entire ToIP community, making it possible for terms for be understood and used between all Working Groups. There is a possible budget request coming to Steering Committee to complete this tooling and set-up.
  • He emphasized that, based on the lifecycle process and data model being developed under this Working Group, terms will continually evolve as a living thing for our community.

Deliverables Portal 

  • David Luchuk encouraged members to refer to the Deliverables Portal to better understand how our community aims to use GitHub to support its work, and for a clear view of deliverables in-progress.

IIW - Spring '21 Session 

  • David Luchuk reminded members that the spring 2021 session of the Internet Identity Workshop will take place April 20-22, and encouraged all to consider participating in this important event.


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