February 05, 2021



  • Discuss the process for developing Whitepapers, approve a plan to prepare a press release for the Good Health Pass, consider a request for an interview from a member, and update various on-going items.

Discussion items

3 minWelcome & Antitrust Notice

David Luchuk

10 minWhite paper Task Force - process
25 minPress release - Good Health Pass
5 minMember request - interview - ToIP in IndiaDavid Luchuk
10 minUpdate - editorial calendar TBC
5 minUpdate - logo usage and Comms contractDavid Luchuk
2 minNext meeting

David Luchuk



  • Whitepaper Taskforce (PDF):

  • Good Health Pass Ecosystem - (to be provided)

  • IATA and the Good Health Pass Ecosystem (PDF):


1. Whitepaper Taskforce - process

  • Karen Hand introduced the Whitepaper Taskforce, which operates under the Ecosystem Foundry Working Group. It’s aim is to bring cohesiveness and Foundation-wide collaboration to the production of whitepapers. 
  • It is important for Trust over IP to produce professional, credible papers that are properly edited and share a common look and feel.
  • The Taskforce will work with all WGs as well as this Communications Committee and the Steering Committee is an effort to ensure that messaging is consistent and the quality of products is always high.
  •  Questions that need to be resolved, in discussion with the Communications Committee, include how the Trust over IP logo will be used in whitepapers, who will be responsible for editing products, and how social media will be used to promote deliverables.
  • Drummond Reed observed that whitepapers will be key outputs of the Foundation and should be aligned with the editorial calendar, were possible.
  • Kimberly Linson agreed that editorial quality is key to success with these products both in terms of the ideas and content as well as final copy edits for quality assurance.

2. Press Release - Good Health Pass Strategy 

  • Good Health Pass Collaborative will be announced on Feb 9. Trust over IP has provided a quote from John Jordan for the announcement and will be hosting a Taskforce to develop an ecosystem governance framework.
  • David Lucatch from KABN has offered for the PR/Communications firm that work with KABN to develop a Trust over IP announcement to align with the launch.
  • Charles Walton recommended that the Trust over IP announcement be pushed back by 1-2 weeks to allow the work of the Taskforce to mature and better understand the work that will take place. The Trust over IP announcement can then be positioned as a call-to-action for the market rather than simply mirroring the Good Health Pass press release.
  • Drummond Reed and David Lucatch expressed agreement with this suggestion.
  • Daniel Bachenheimer asked whether logos of contributing companies will be featured along with the Trust over IP logo in the announcement. David Luchuk indicated with was to-be-determined.
  • John Jordan expressed agreement with delaying the Trust over IP announcement, suggesting that important questions would emerge after launch that will make it possible for our announcement to be in-tune with the discussions taking place in the market.
  • Proposal - Trust over IP will announce its involvement in the Good Health Pass Collaborative with a formal announcement / press release 2 weeks after the Good Health Pass launch on Feb 9. KABN will make time available from its PR/Communications firm to develop the announcement for approvals.
    • This proposal was agreed by consensus.

3. Member request - interview - ToIP in India

  • Member Neha Misra from FinLit Project suggested that a thought-leader at Trust over IP work with her to record a Q/A style video interview that can be used to promote the ToIP model and community among black chain centres of excellence and companies in India.
  • John Jordan indicated he would be open to working with her to produce this video.

4. Update - Editorial Calendar

  • Ajay Madhok provided an update on on-gong discussions with Will Groah and David Lucatch to continue evolving elements of the Trust over IP Communications Strategy and Editorial Calendar.
  • Suggested next steps:
    1. Develop a questionnaire for Steering members and Working Group leads to better understand what questions clients are asking and what problems they are trying to solve: to now what customers are really looking for.
    2. Draft a Message Map for Trust over IP with support from KABN PR/Communications firm.
    3. Review an updated version of the Trust over IP messaging deck previously discussed.
  • These suggestions were all agreed by consensus.

5. Update - logo usage and contract (infographics)

  • David Luchuk indicated that he was in contact with advisors at Linux Foundation to clear up outstanding questions associated wit the logo usage policy.
  • He also advised that meetings would be set over the next 2 weeks to review deliverables (including infographics) from the Communications contract with Peter Stoyko.

Action items