January 8, 2021



  • Discuss plans for ToIP webinars, strategic planning, guiding questions and revenue model

Discussion items

3 minWelcome & Antitrust NoticeDavid Luchuk
10 minWebinars - Q1 2021


Discuss monthly approach
10 minCommunications Strategy - next steps


15 minGuiding questions - who is our audience, what are our goals?All
15 minRevenue model - next steps 
2 minRescheduling this meeting so John Jordan (chair) can attendDavid LuchukJohn's ideal window is between 1 and 4PM Pacific Time
2 minNext meetingDavid Luchuk


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1. Webinars - plan for Q1

  • Jim St.Clair proposes that we have a schedule and prepare a backlog of content
  • Drummond Reed proposed that we establish a monthly schedule and an editorial calendar
  • Ajay Madhok The highest priority is to establish the editorial calendar, and the schedule should follow from that
    • It's okay if we don't start regular webinars until February
    • The highest priorty 
    • We need to discuss how we develop the ToIP brand
    • We need to focus on the value of the content that will be presented at each webinar
  • There was a consensus that the editorial calendar is the highest priority
  • Ajay Madhok pointed out that the webinar can also be a podcast, and that all of them will form a part of an overall storyline
    • This will help develop the editorial calendar
  • David Luchuk said we should get out that prospect to all our WGs
  • Drummond Reed channeled several discussions he had with Charlie Walton about having webinars, blogs, or papers about current market events, such as the current market focus on a travel/health pass as a verifiable credential.
    • Content that we produce for these types of topical events should be fit in alongside (or anticipated by) the editorial calendar
    • There was agreement that we should be producing topical content and building the reputation of the ToIP Foundation as a media source for information and positions on topics related to digital trust and decentralized digital trust infrastructure
  • Dan Gisolfi said that it's important to come up with guidelines around categories and types of acceptable content (so we can avoid vendor pitches)
  • Fran Rice asked if there was any particular feedback from the last webinar
    • David Luchuk said that there wasn't any specific feedback from the December webinar on ToIP and Governments
    • The feedback was good, and it inspired at least one ToIP member (Certizen) to do their own conference this month
    • One lesson learned was that it would be wise to always schedule a short prep/test webinar session among the participants
    • Karl Kneis noted how important it was to make sure all ToIP members have input, visibility, and opportunity to participate in comms events
  • About the editorial calendar, Drummond Reed asked how it would be developed
    • Ajay Madhok said that he and Will Groah and David Lucatch are meeting mid-next-week to develop an audience profile, story spine, and some examples of suggested content for that calendar

2. Communications Strategy - next steps

  • David Luchuk explained that we had two sessions in developing a Comms Strategy document that Alex Walz was facilitating. Do we still want to complete that?
  • Drummond Reed said it was very valuable, and it feels like it's now being handed off to the Communications Committee leadership (John Jordan as chair and Ajay Madhok , Will Groah , David Lucatch as vice chairs)
  • Charlie Walton then spoke to his concerns about if we are adequately resourced to fully address the size of the market opportunity of ToIP
    • "We have a tiger by the tail"
    • We are already attracting the attention of governments
    • Are we giving enough attention and resources to how we are communicating the story
  • Karl Kneis agreed that we are not resourced properly
    • We do need a strategy document
    • We also need policies and procedures to deal with how comms flow in and out of the Foundation—who can speak to what when
    • This group should be proposing milestones to the Steering Committee
  • We talked about "hot topics" in the market
    • Jim St.Clair pointed out that he agreed with Charlie and Drummond Reed that the travel/health pass topic is indeed very timely, and we should take advantage of that opportunity, but not let it define the Foundation
  • Ajay Madhok said that understanding the aspirations of the Foundation and Communications Committee members would be good
    • We need a focus on "what we want to be"
  • David Lucatch said that when he tries to take the view of our target audience, they still don't quite understand ToIP
    • We should take advantage of topical news
    • But we need to be very focused and tactical
  • Drummond Reed suggested that it should still be an action item of the Communications Committee to produce a Comms Strategy document in order to frame our other strategy and tactical decisions
    • David Luchuk agreed and asked for consensus on that action item
    • DECISION: We will complete the Comms Strategy as soon as possible, and to ask the leadership should drive this ASAP.
    • Charlie asked about how quickly this can happen
    • Drummond Reed suggested the goal should be to fully complete and approve that strategy document in our next biweekly cycle
    • ACTION: Leadership to prepare a draft of the Comms Strategy and completion plan and circulate it for discussion before the next meeting so we can ideally approve it at the next meeting

3. Charlie brought up the question of the ToIP Foundation looking at a sustained focus/task force on the topic of the travel/health pass since it is such a hot topic in the market—how should we proceed with this?

4. Timing of next meeting

  • ACTION: David Luchukto use email/Slack to figure out a new meeting time in John's window of 1-4PM PT

Action items

  • Editorial Calendar to be developed for committee review
  • Communications Strategy to be completed - target Jan 19, 2021
  • Steering Committee to consider (Jan 2021) focus on Travel/Health Pass 
  • New meeting schedule to be set - window: 1-4pm PT