2 minWelcome & Antitrust Policy NoticeD Luchuk
5 minsMessage from John JordanD Luchuk
15 minsWebinar (ToIP & Gov’t) - RecapD Luchuk & D Reed 
10 mins Principles of SSID Reed
10 minsMarket Developments - Digital Health PassportsD Reed 
10 minsYear-in-review / Year-aheadD Luchuk
5 minsOpen Q&AAll
2 minsWrap-up / Action ItemsD Luchuk


Remarks from John Jordan

  • After six months in hospital and rehab, John is looking forward to returning home the week of Dec. 14 - 18.
  • The support from Trust over IP members has been an important part of his recovery.
  • John is very appreciative and looks forward to being able to participate in the work of the Foundation in 2021.

  • Members congratulated John for his leadership in 2020, and agreed by consensus to continue proactively seeking opportunities to support John in his transition in the coming year. 

Webinar (ToIP and Government) - Recap

  • David Luchuk provided a brief overview of the two webinar events that took place on December 15 - separate sessions to accommodate US/EU and APAC time zones.
  • The US/EU session peaked at approx. 120 attendees while the APAC session reaches approx. 20 participants.
  • The sessions were well-received and featured active participation from attendees.
  • Recordings from both sessions have been posted to the ToIP website and wiki.
  • The Communications Committee intends to establish an editorial calendar through which ToIP webinars would be regularly scheduled.
  • Drummond Reed presented the opening slides from the webinar, discussing how the ToIP model was presented to the non-technical audience. 
  • Tim Bouma observed that the core challenge with a government audience is to succeed in shifting policy leaders from their focus on “SSI” toward a greater understanding of digital trust.
  • Kaliya Young introduced advocacy work underway in California aiming to influence the State policy committee and draft legislation, which will be supportive of VCs, in 2021.
  • Bo Harald introduced work underway through Findy - establishing a network for verified data where state agencies (Finland) act as members.

Principles of SSI

  • Drummond Reed explained that the Principles were stewarded by Sovrin but are not owned by any single organization. The are meant to reflect the consensus of the entire SSI community.
  • Based on a decision by the Steering Committee (Dec 9), a taskforce will be created under the Governance Stack WG to deliver the Principles of SSI as a ToIP Design Principles deliverable.
  • Sovrin will soon announce and publicly release the Principles. These need to be supported and broadly endorses by the community as a whole in order to have the desired impact.

Market Developments - Digital Health Passports

  • Drummond Reed briefly introduced and discussed the importance of recent announcements from IATA (to begin piloting Travel Pass Program by end of 2020) and WHO (defining specifications for vaccination certificates in Jan 2021).
  • Tim Bouma highlighted the importance of avoiding a fragmented outcome to these efforts, while enabling as many options as possible.
  • Daniel Bachenheimer discussed his role as vice-chair of the IATA ID Management working group and emphasized their commitment to leveraging existing standards and achieving interoperability.
  • Todd Gehrke discussed the importance of getting involved in discussions, through initiatives Iike Travel Pass, where conflict over core ideas is necessary in order to press for a model ad approach that works.
  • Thomas Cox indicated that the public discussion around these topics requires an “activist cadre” that will push for change in the ace of resistance.
  • Karl Kneis cautioned that ToIP needs to be artful to avoid being perceived as a political/activist community.


  • Deferred (with apologies to members who prepared input) to first All member meeting of 2021.


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