• Decide on next steps on strategy, leadership, and events

Discussion items


Antitrust NoticeDavid Luchuk

Communications StrategyAll
  • Next meeting Thursday Nov 19th at 1PM ET

 Chair/Co-Chair StrategyAll

Graphics contract - update on schedule/workplanDavid Luchuk




  1. A followup comms strategy planning session will be facilitated by Alex Walz next Thursday Nov 19th at 1PM ET.
    1. Will be picking up from the summary document out of the last session
    2. Ajay wanted to share a construct from Silicon Valley called a "strategic narrative"
      1. Where we came from
      2. What has changed
      3. What are the implications of that change
      4. We are therefore going into that direction and "would like your company"
      5. A strategic narrative is then used for everything 
  2. Co-Chairs of the Communications Committee
    1. It would be ideal to have one or more official co-chairs elected by the group
    2. Ajay has volunteered
    3. Will Groah is interested in talking with Dave and Ajay about co-chairing
  3. David Luchuk explained that the contract with Peter Stoyko are underway and he is doing interviews with Steering Committee members
    1. Dave would like to encourage all the Communications Committee members who are interested in sharing their vision and ideas with Peter
    2. Dave is happy to set up a meeting for any interested member
    3. Peter will then be bringing groups of people together 
    4. Will Groah volunteered to meet with Peter
  4. Webinar series
    1. Drummond said that Charlie Walton originally suggested the idea of a webinar series, starting with a set of industry-focused webinars, e.g., "ToIP and Finance", "ToIP and Healthcare", "ToIP and Education", etc.
    2. Ajay suggested that we set up an editorial calendar that includes a planned set of webinars and other marketing events.
    3. Ajay also suggested that we treat it as a "media production" - webinar, podcast, blog post.
    4. Kimberly liked the idea of having a collection of these webinars and other artifacts.
    5. Wenjing likes the comparison to a TV series - and that we can target the "shows" as needed for different audiences.
    6. Drummond very much liked the idea of the editorial calendar becoming the plan for a "season" of the "TV show"
    7. It was agreed that we should aim to begin the editorial calendar and webinar series in January.

Action items

  • Ajay Madhokvolunteered to draft a strategic narrative for the ToIP Foundation to circulate before the next meeting and present at the next meeting