• David Luchuk

  • Drummond Reed
  • Alex Walz

  • Ajay Madhok
  • Charles Walton
  • RJ Reiser
  • Jim St. Clair
  • Kimberly Linson
  • Wenjing Chu
  • Karl Kneis
  • Stuart Vaeth

Agenda Items

2 minWelcome & Antitrust Policy Notice

10 minsDiscussion - Communications StrategyA Walz
15 minsInternet Identity Workshop (IIW) - ToIP sessionsD Reed
  • Notes
10 minsSaturn V TIP - blog postD Luchuk
  • Notes
5 minsContract - communications productsD Luchuk
  • Notes
5 minsAction Items


  • N/A



Discussion - communications strategy

  • Alex Walz provides an update on group session (held Oct 15) to identify objectives, primary audiences and key principles for communicating publicly about trust over IP.
  • 8 members of the committee took part in that sessions, which is contributes to on-going work toward a first draft strategy.
  • Follow-up session to be called after the Internet Identity Workshop.
  • Need identified to simplify messaging around our Foundation’s work rather than “going into the technical weeds.”
  • Opportunity to “own” the concept of digital trust and convey the real-world benefits of the stack for citizens, consumers, businesses.
  • Crucial to distinguish Trust over IP from other communities/organizations (e.g. Sovrin)
  • Charles Walton suggests there are three tiers to the Trust over IP message:
  1. What is digital trust?
  2. What is Trust over IP doing with other groups?
  3. How do companies for different sectors coverage on the Trust over IP model?
  • Discussion focuses on opportunities and requirements for IATA in the travel sector and various companies in health sector to come together at ToIP, acting as a “magnet” for organizations trying to understand how to use verifiable credentials to solve problems. 
  • Trust over IP as the authoritative voice for digital trust.

Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) - ToIP sessions 

  • Proposed session For event (Oct 20-22) - ToIP & Digital Trust Ecosystems.
  • Ecosystems get people’s attention because their demonstrate real-world benefits and adoption on the part of companies.
  • Opportunity to reflect the work of ToIP working group with high level of interest and participation.
  • Karl Kneis agrees to support the planning and convening of session on Day 1 of event.
  • GS1, GLEIF, Lumedic, MasterCard, Stanford U to be featured as examples of ecosystems emerging from ToIP model.
  • Several other ToIP members are expected to call sessions over the three days.
  • Take-aways from IIW can be a key topic of discussion at upcoming All Member meeting.

Saturn V TIP - blog post

  • David Luchuk confirms that revisions to the Saturn V TIP announcement have been completed, with thanks to Kimberly Linson and Wenjing Chu for leading the effort.
  • Drummond Reed and Karl Kneis agree to make final revisions so that the announcement can be published by Oct 19.

Contract - Communications Products

  • David Luchuk confirms that the ToIP Steering Committee approved the release of funds for the contract (per Statement of Work validated by this committee) to develop new communications products.
  • David Luchuk to liaise with Linux Foundation officials to issue contract.


  • ToIP & Digital Trust Ecosystem session to be delivered on Day 1 of IIW (Oct 20)

Action items

  • Drummond Reed and Karl Kneis to make final revisions to Saturn V TIP blog post.
  • David Luchuk to ensure post is published by Oct 19
  • David Luchuk to ensure contract is issued for development of communications products.