1 minWelcome & Antitrust Policy Notice

2 minsIntroduction of new membersD Luchuk
30 minsDiscussion - Peter StoykoD Luchuk
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10 minsReview - blog post - Saturn V TIPD Gisolfi
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10 minsPress release support for membersD Luchuk
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5 minsDiscussion - Webinars - next steps TBD
2 minsWrap-up / Action ItemsD Luchuk


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  • Statement of Work - Communications Products - link
  • Blog Post - Saturn V TIP - link 
  • Draft input to press release - Lumedic - link



1) Welcome and Linux Foundation antitrust policy

2) Introduction of new members

  • David Luchuk welcomes to the committee:
    • RJ Reiser
    • Kimberly Linson
    • Duncan Cox
    • Ajay Madhok
    • Alissa Worley

3) Discussion - Peter Stoyko

  • Three hats: Social Science Researcher, Management Facilitator, Information Designer
  • Introduced the idea of using an interactive graphic for the ToIP stack
  • Explained that John Jordan has taken quite a bit of time to explain ToIP to Peter in order to prepare the original logo and color palette
  • This would be an extension of that work, that would give us a more comprehensive look-and-feel and help build the ToIP brand
  • Peter does a lot of infographics in his information design work
  • is his website
  • One of his key considerations for the infographic is "intrinsic web design". It goes beyond "responsive web design". Intrinsic web design is based on the idea  that you don't try to "shoehorn content" into little boxes on a page, but that you make it interactive and "let content out of the box" by using the power of HTML and CSS and SVG. 
  • This would take example of animation and interaction. Zooming in or out also does not affect the quality of the images.
  • It requires a separate landing page for hosting the infographic. This is how for example the NY Times does their rich articles with interactive graphics.
  • Peter has a pet peeve about heavyweight content management systems (CMS). 
  • By contrast this is an ultralight website that uses just SVG and Javascript. That frees up a lot of room to throw in animations and interactions that take advantage of the computing power of today's devices.

Decision: Committee members agree by consensus 1) to the need for products outlined in the Statement of Work to be developed and 2) to engaging with Peter Stoyko to complete the work.

Next Step: Approval to be sought from ToIP Steering Committee (Oct 14, 2020) to release funds require for this contract.

4) Review - blog post - Saturn V TIP

  • Committee expresses a strong desire for an approval / decision-making process to be in place for content such as the draft Saturn V blog post.
    • David Luchuk commits to developing a process/workflow for decisions
  • Observation that it is difficult to endorse a product without a Strategy that sets forward consistent principles and over-arching key messages that the Foundation wants to send to convey to the market.

Decision: Committee members agree by consensus to identify volunteers who will immediately begin preparing a draft Communications Strategy for ToIP.

In parallel, committee will seek volunteers to work with the Technology Stack WG to revise the draft blog post with the intent of seeking approval at the next Committee meeting.

5) Press release support 

  • Discussion focuses on request for ToIP input and a quote from Executive Director for a press release from Lumedic on the topic of a credential ecosystem for healthcare that is based on the ToIP model.
  • Importance of vendor neutrality in seeking opportunities to get the message out about ToIP is flagged.
  • Need for clarity on key messages and overall strategy to be reflected in press releases from members is reiterated.

6) Discussion - Webinars - next steps

  • This discussion did not take place.

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