1. The CTWG process MUST not hold up work being preformed by other WGs.
  2. Term definitions arise based on situation context; Overtime that context may change thereby deprecating the definition.


CONSUMABLE: Our users (ToIP Foundation) need to be able to easily submit content for maturation.

  • Item Submission ---> Most Granular artifact == TERM

    • Required (See Basic Term Data Model)
      • Name
      • Definition
    • CTWG Process Additions
      • Meta-Data
        • Clarification Attributes: Terms, Words, Concepts, etc
      • Tags (discovery, generation)
  • On-Time Pull:

    • Extract concepts from exiting sources
      • Sovrin
      • NIST
      • DIF (?)
    • All extracted content is MAPPED to the basic format (TERM)
  • Automated Source Monitoring

    • Ongoing (automated) process for extracting content from existing sources that are still evolving.
      • ESSIF Lab
      • W3C Specs (DID, VCreds)
    • All extracted content is MAPPED to the basic format (TERM)


We need to define a process whereby each ITEM (regardless of input source) is managed in a consistent format for maturation.

General Assumptions

Input Workflows

  • Item Submission
    • Who are the stakeholders?
    • Phases
      • Clarification
      • Proposal
      • Accepted (ready for WG blessed output)
    • NOTE: Glossaries should be able to be produced regardless of any Workflow state.

Basic Term Data Model

  • We need a BASIC/COMMON data model for all items

The suggested Markdown should be used as a template for the GitHub TERM Issue Form.

PanDoc is a well know OS process for taking Markdown and outputting a variety of rendering formats.


We need to provide/suggest/support processes for generation of various renderings of the content we manage:

  • Domain Glossaries
    • Website
    • PDF
    • Markdown
    • other

NOTE: See Issue #22

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