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  • David Luchuk discussed elements of a draft strategy and editorial calendar prepared by Vice-Chairs in February/March 2021, and suggested this was a good time to revisit how the committee intends to advance toward those goals.
  • John Jordanobserved that ToIP has more material to work with now than had been the case over the winter. The Financially Speaking interview, SSI Orbit episode and soon the interactive infographic all provide source material for communications products.
  • With a new resource coming on board to replace the Program Manager, there is also an opportunity to bring that person more directly into this set of activities.
  • John Jordan proposed a more agile approach to products, whereby a "backlog" of items can be established so that members can take on individual items as required.
  •  David Lucatchindicated that the challenge for ToIP is keeping up with the pace of news and movement in the market. There is an opportunity to bring on an intern or possibly a co-op student to help the community to a better job of getting its message out and assembling pieces for release.
  • Ajay Madhoksuggested that ToIP needs to take the content it already has and create a simple storyboard that contributors can follow when producing and releasing modular micro-content.
  • Lucy Yangshared the experience at CCI, where limited resources focused on the primary task of creating a member-focused newsletter. In s small group, it will always be difficult to achieve more than one main goal.
  • Drummond Reedsuggested that attracting new members and driving forward the ToIP model in the market are key goals.

4. Q2 Activities / Plan

  • David Luchuk .  shifted the discussion by introducing the question of Q2 priorities and workplan.
  • Ajay Madhok proposed that educating the consumer remains a top priority for content development. The editorial calendar offers a tool for organizing and guiding those efforts.
  • John Jordanindicated he may have a colleague at the Province of BC who can help start a "backlog" of items and get involved in this effort to produce and release more content on a regular cycle.
  • He also observed that Peter Stoyko's infographic offers a very important tool that, in part, is oriented toward consumer messaging.
  • David Lucatchreiterated that having a dedicated intern or co-op student on board will allow ToIP to stay relevant in the market by sustaining a cycle of releases.
  • Daniel Bachenheimeradded that the infographic offers a way to explain ToIP to different audiences and, building on the previous point, remain relevant in the market.
  • Drummond Reedsuggested that, once the Good Health Pass products are released, they will constitute a lighthouse for the ToIP model along with the infographic.
  • John Jordansuggested that, between now and the next Communications Committee meeting, an interim discussion take place focusing on using the infographic and/or Good Health Pass to highlight one part of the stack. The stack is durable and can be an immediate focus of this committee's efforts.

Action items

  •  David Luchuk to post a message to the Communications Committee mailing list asking for volunteers to take on coordinating functions for future meetings.