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To draft the Good Health Pass Ecosystem Governance Framework V1. For context, see the final section of the Good Health Pass Interoperability Blueprint Outline

Interoperable digital trust infrastructure requires more than just technology. It requires that the members of a digital trust ecosystem agree on the business, legal, and social rules, and policies they will follow to achieve their trust objectives. This collection of rules and policies is called either a trust framework or a governance framework (the former term is used most often in federated identity systems and the latter in decentralized identity infrastructure). 

As the Collaborative completes its recommendations for each of the interoperability challenges covered in this paper, those recommendations will be formulated into policies incorporated into the Good Health Pass Ecosystem Governance Framework.

This will be a ToIP Layer 4 ecosystem governance framework developed according to the ToIP governance meta model defined by the Governance Stack Working Group at the Trust over IP Foundation. Development of this ecosystem governance framework will follow best practices curated by the Ecosystem Foundry Working Group

Specific Good Health Pass-compliant implementations may then publish their own ecosystem governance frameworks, localizing the policies of the Good Health Pass Ecosystem Governance Framework to reflect the requirements of their specific jurisdiction, market segment, or trust community. This is a key method by which together we can build a globally interoperable Good Health Pass ecosystem of ecosystems

Responsibilities and Deliverables