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  • Privacy by Design and Default
    • Non-linkable transactions: to prevent unintentional correlation of the holder
    • Data minimization: to enable selective disclosure of only the data strictly required by a verifier
    • Zero-knowledge proofs: privacy-preserving cryptography that supports selective disclosure
    • Privacy-preserving protocols: to help ensure that a user is not tracked when presenting their credentials
    • Transparency: to provide sufficient information to the holder about the processing of their personal data  
    • Purpose limitation: to collect personal data for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and not process it in a manner incompatible with those purposes
    • Auditable and informed consent (or delegation of consent)

  • Security by Design and Default
    • Secure transmission of verifiable credentials
    • Secure storage of verifiable credentials (e.g, cloud- or edge-based wallet)
    • Secure issuance of verifiable credentials
    • Secure verification of verifiable credentials