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5. Good Health Pass - announcement - for approval

  • Charles Walton provided an outline of how work items for Good Health Pass are being framed by ID2020 and their alignment with Trust over IP. Work on the ecosystem governance framework is very well suited to the Taskforce set up under EFWG.
  • Drummond Reed observed that Good Health Pass will tap into governance expertise at Trust over IP. He proposed that the press release developed to announce Trust over IP's involvement with Good Health Pass will help maintain a "drumbeat" approach that aims to continue to draw new collaborators into the effort.
  • Daniel Bachenheimer shared suggested edits submitted by Jessica Townsend for discussion.
    • The committee agreed that generic language should be used in the press release in regard to vaccination and test results.
  • Kaliya Young asked whether CCI should be included in the proposed joint announcement - Trust over IP/ID2020/Good Health Pass.
    • Drummond Reedand Charles Walton confirmed that discussions are taking place and CCI would likely be featured in a subsequent announcement.
  • Committee members agreed by consensus to approve the press release, which will be posted to the media wire by Linux Foundation per the expense approval recently provided by Steering Committee.

Action items

  •  David Luchukto ensure that the upcoming IIW event (Apr 20-22, 2021) is publicized among members.
  •  Mathieu Glaude to ..provide a draft agenda and set of topics for the SSI Orbit podcast.
  •  John Jordanto share recently launched Aries website with the committee for reference.