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PLEASE NOTE: due to the underlying calendar software infrastructure (which the ToIP Foundation does not control). , the calendar may be shown in EITHER your local time zone OR in Eastern Standard Time. We are working on a way for change the time zone displayed. Remember to scroll (A quick way to check is to look for the ACDC Task Force meeting every Tuesday — if it appears from 10:00-11:00AM, then the calendar is displaying in Eastern Time — otherwise it should be displaying in your local time zone.) Remember to scroll up or down to see the complete 24 hours to view meetings intended for other time zones. **(it seems that the calendar is presenting in local time for some - please check)**

NOTEFor the protection of all Members, participation in all Foundation activities including Working Group and Taskforce meetings is limited to members, including their employees, of the Trust over IP Foundation who have signed the membership documents and thus agreed to the intellectual property rules governing participation. If you or your employer are not a member of the working group, we ask that you not participate in Working Group activities beyond observing.