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Judith Fleenor kicked off the meeting with the Anti Trust policy to review and the agenda. Judith Fleenor provided an update regarding BLOG Updates and Approvals. The HXWG No Need for Superhumans was just posted in the last half hour. She asked for an update on the eIDAS blog series and Drummond Reed mentioned that he too hasn't seen any updates on the blog just yet, but that he plans to contribute to the second blog. Judith Fleenormentioned the OIX SSI Blog is ready to be reviewed and approved, Drummond Reed confirmed and mentioned that the actual release will be timed to go out when the updated SSI guide is released as early as next week. Judith Fleenormentioned that the blog link was sent out for review and inquired if the committee is ready for a vote on the content. Daniel Bachenheimermentioned that we need to review the current guide page to ensure it aligns with our trust framework for smart digital ID and does not conflict with our stack. Judith Fleenor confirmed that this has been vetted by Drummond Reed and team. She also provided an update that OIX is also reviewing their content to ensure that it aligns. Drummond Reedmentioned that you can implement it via centralized systems, federated systems or what they call the SSI systems. He also mentioned that they had not published the SSI part, but that's what they're working on now. He also encouraged Daniel Bachenheimerto go and review the content more extensively. Judith Fleenorto confirm with John Jordan that he approves the quote. Judith Fleenorconfirmed that pending the final review from Dan and Drummond, the committee approves the OIX blog for posting. Judith Fleenor went on to announce the Schellman Blog by Scott Perry to confirm that Schellman will post as a press release and would like for ToIP to post as a blog, but is pending a quote from a ToIP Steering Committee meeting to make the announcement. Judith Fleenor provided some feedback on the two different formats, one for a press release and one for a blog post. @Alex Walz agreed to help with formatting on the two different versions and one with more educational content.  Chris Ingrao offered additional feedback to Scott Perryon adding why this is important to others. Scott Perry agrees this is an opportunity for him to feature his focus on trust assurance. Scott Perrycontinued by sharing the reason he joined Schellman is so that he can have the resources in the bank and backing of the top firm to deliver on that and they (Schellman), wanted to join ToIP to help deliver and finish on that process. Chris Ingrao expanded in agreement that this will illustrate the value and will extend that this is a way to make all of that more accessible to organizations. Judith Fleenorasked Chris Ingraoif he too would be willing to help Scott Perryon the blog. Decentralized Identity: Keys to mainstream adoption is the next blog to approve, this is the first on the three blog posts and requested the Committee review and offer edits on the document. 

BLOG post drafting process and series branding-Update, Judith Fleenormentioned the Avast joining ToIP as a SC Member is an upcoming blog post we can work on and requested Alex Walz be the lead driving his effort. She went on to discuss the idea from the last meeting to discuss the Blog series on the Design Principles and to align these with our members and the contributions they're making to ToIP. Scott Perryasked questions to better understand the idea Judith Fleenormentioned regarding featuring the principles and the members. Alex Walz mentioned it may be a better approach to ask for feedback from the members who are leveraging specific principles and how they've leveraging the content in their business practices. Scott Perrysuggested that we create video content regarding things like why they join ToIP or how they use design principles. Judith Fleenorinquired if this is something Schellman would be will to do on behalf of the Foundation and he clarified that they could do this for his team and it was suggested to do by zoom for members outside of Florida. Scott Perryrecommended doing SC Spotlight clips to help recruit new memberships and showcase how ToIP effects various members and their respective businesses/organizations. Judith Fleenor asked Alex Walz to recommend the video content that we can recycle for various media posts and assets to integrate across platforms, not exclusive to our design principles. Judith Fleenorwent on to inquire about the IIW Blog post and asked if there were any volunteers to contribute. She asked about doing a Pre EIC Blog post to promote the upcoming event and there was consensus on the committee to contribute. he asked Daniel Bachenheimerif anyone from Accenture would be a good resource to contribute. She mentioned that Bryn Robinson-Morganwill also be speaking at the event and might be able to contribute to as well. Daniel Bachenheimerasked about the EIC series cadence and Judith Fleenorrecommended reviewing the slack channel for additional feedback and direction for this series. Judith Fleenormentioned pulling in Andrew Hughes for this series as an additional contributor resource.  

Announcement Posts - Update 

YouTube Channel Uploads - Update 

Video Content

Event Schedule

Action Item Updates

LinkedIn Cover Photo/Tagline

Other Item Updates

Lastly, Judith Fleenorprovided an update to the Communication Committee on the shared drive folders that are now available to manage blog posts in progress. 

Judith Fleenor asked the Communication Committee for specific details and format to follow for future LinkedIn announcement posts.  She went on to request thumbnail can be made from the information on the announcement for the YouTube Channel Uploads. Judith Fleenor asked that members provide a paragraph about the talk for the YouTube description and video recording needs to be edited with the ToIP Sting, followed by where and when the talk took place, as well as an end slide about ToIP with website URL. Judith Fleenor asked if there was a volunteer on the committee who could edit other such speaker content and our our brand at the beginning and end of each video for working group chairs. She asked for additional feedback regarding any additional information needed and there was consensus that no additional information was needed.  

Video Content - Judith Fleenor mentioned that the HXWG identified a resource, Bluecarrot, will create content that will be gifted to ToIp as an asset for future video content. Judith Fleenorasked if there was a member of the Communication Committee who could join their next call to offer feedback for that conversation and contribution. She shared their script that will be used for their initial video and shared the questionnaire that will be used for future content. Alex Walz agrees that we need to review the questions before its submit to Bluecarrot. David Lucatch inquired on what compliance we need to be aware of based on the region and asked if there's information we need to provide that will not be made fully public. Judith Fleenorreviewed the information and stated that it's very public information already. David Lucatch has a concern that if we do work in the region (Ukraine) we may be put on a watch list. His concern specifically is the development process not continuing and providing information to the region, based on how things move forward. David Lucatch wants to ensure we're thinking about if changes occur in the way  that they do business in the region, depending on how things go, we might want to be careful of how we proceed. Judith Fleenorexplained that ToIP is not making any business agreement with anyone from Ukraine, that it's specifically two members of our foundation who are contributing for a 20 second video to be created and then donated to ToIP for utilization and future media content. 

Event Schedule - Judith Fleenor mentioned that ToIP panel has been accepted at EIC on May 11th for a 20 minute slot. Alex Walz mentioned that Avast is contributing too and all slots are 20 minute sessions and he encouraged that we be intentional and concise so that we get our story across. Judith Fleenor mentioned that we have an opportunity to have a mini summit at the OSS and wanted to see about getting feedback from the Communication Committee regarding this free opportunity. Scott Perry mentioned the European summit may be the best opportunity because he is planning to attend the Hyperledger Global Conference that dovetails the OSS so may be most beneficial for ToIP. Daniel Bachenheimer mentioned there is some utility with this opportunity but mentioned that he doesn't typically participate in Open Source events, rather than Open Standards. Chris Ingrao inquired if this is a chance to drive new membership, then it may make sense for ToIP; it may be an evangelism opportunity more than anything else. Judith Fleenormentioned that these type of opportunities is a visibility opportunity. 

Action Item UpdatesDavid Lucatch provided an updated on the trademark registration and that we include the lock up for review. He sent out additional information that we have to review as a group and answer some questions and he can start getting the filing documents together to the working group for review. Judith Fleenorwe'll have an update at the next Communication Committee meeting and there will be a cost change, depending on the final recommendation or the lock up. Open Discussion 

Action Items:

  • Judith Fleenorto confirm with John Jordanon quote for OIX blog.
  • @Alex Walz to help @ScottPerry on the Schellman blog and press release 
  • Judith Fleenor to add bullet points to the blog for Scott Perry to review and edit accordingly & pending a ToIP quote from a SC member (John Jordan)
  • Alex Walz to provide recommendation on video content material for multi-use purpose.