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2 minWelcome & Antitrust Policy NoticeJudith Fleenor
1 min Agenda ReviewJudith Fleenor
1 minWelcome New MembersJudith Fleenor
3 minFoundation Wide Updates and AnnouncementsJudith Fleenor
40 minWorking Group Updates

3 minOpen Discussion



EFWGSteve Magennisshared the new case study page and content from Yoma team in an effort for quick and easy content and updates. He went on to promote the resource directory and blog content that's growing with the effort of so many of our ToIP members. Steve Magennis shared an Ecosystem Classification Matrix that details the differences between Builders and Users tools & services against the Operational and Prospective needs of Business Models (image attached in deck). This helps folks understand where they are in the overall journey and where they intend to go as an organization. He shared the upcoming speaker series happening Thursday, March 17 by Riley Hughes (Trinsic); then he provided the details for the up-coming series . Eric Drury shared that Check and eID Easy as the next two series scheduled for late March and April. Carly Huitema provided an update regarding the newest white paper-Biological Ecosystems (Trinh will be organizing the next writing session on Wednesday March 16th at 4pm PDT | 7pm EDT | 23h UTC | midnight CET location: google doc: Focus question: how does this Ecosystem white paper relate to the ToIP Design Principles?). The upcoming writing session is scheduled for March 16 at 4pm PT. Biological ecosystems talk and meeting notes at: EFWG 2022-01-20 Meeting - Natural Ecosystems, Dr. Autumn Watkinson.

GSWGScott Perry is excited to announce the new trends of ToIP adoption and our efforts in the market. He went on to share that they're currently leading in an effort for deliverables because they're developing the foundational documents to help illustrate our principles. Scott Perry announced that the next pivot is the Layer Specific Governance Framework Templates, partnering with UFWG on Layer 1 Template. Feedback to the EU eIDAS 2.0 Digital Identity Wallet initiative. Collaboration with Open Identity Exchange on framework best practices. He went on to share the efforts to work in the market to ensure they encompass the standards that are representative on the market needs. He provided the updates regarding their meeting times and encouraged members to attend and participate for they plenary efforts. Drummond Reed shared that they're seeing a lot of traction in the market via government organizations about the meta model that we've established. We need help create learning pathways and encouraged others to engage to learn how they're drafting these currently.