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A Learning Pathway page in confluence will contain:

  • Paragraph summary
  • Goal statement that states the skills, knowledge and capabilities the learning will achieve at the end of the pathway.
    • e.g. "On completing this pathway the learner will have a basic understanding of the main components of the Trust over IP dual stack.
    • e.g. "On completing this pathway the learner will have developed an understanding of risk analysis and completed a risk assessment. This pathway is for people who are developing governance documentation for their ecosystem"
  • Intended audience states the audience(s) that the learning pathway is aimed for. e.g. "This is a general pathway suitable for people who are seeking to be introduced to ToIP"Paragraph summary (optional)
  • Requirements (optional) - any other Learning Pathways that need to be completed before this Pathway
  • Recommended reading (optional) - links to external (non-ToIP) resources to help provide background information
  • Pathway materials - list of ToIP produced documents along with a brief description and a statement of what the learner should gain from the documents.
  • Examples (optional)