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Judith Fleenor kicked off the meeting with our Antitrust policy and an agenda review. She provided updates regarding the LF Members Summit recap, Beyond Credential Exchange, Guardian Addendum BLOG - Lets Go Together and Discussion Papers; Captivating New and Solving Tough Problems that were all posted in November and December. She continued with the Happy Holidays - MEGA BLOG for review and approval. There was discussion regarding linking to Linux Foundation from the Happy Holidays - MEGA BLOG and the decision was made to unlink due to the nature of the blog. Steve Magennisrecommended we get this out as quickly as possible so that we can promote it as a "fun" spoof on the work we're doing. John Jordanrecommended we ensure we highlight the fact that this is a fun post to ensure we don't cause confusion.


Steve Magennis continued with the discussion regarding resources related to ToIP concepts and resources and consultants and fees. We don't want this to be perceived as us advocating for specific resources, but he wants to collect feedback and see what thoughts are with the committee to share with the larger ToIP community. Judith Fleenor inquired on where this list might live and Steve Magennis mentioned that initially it would be internal, but if it comes together well, we might be able to share on our public facing website so that we can illustrate resources within our ToIP community. Judith Fleenor asked the Committee for their thoughts and John Jordan referenced a vendor resources list and shared that Hyperledger currently has something like this. Wenjing Chumentioned that this is available, but it's merely an adoption based resources. He continued that since we're a Standards organization, we're a little more different from other groups. He continued with the question of what do we mean by resources? We don't have something to connect these resources. John Jordanmentioned the Linux Foundation landscape tool might be an option to illustrate what vendors offer what type of services. Wenjing Chumentioned using our four layer model to illustrate the resources, similar to what's illustrated on LF landscape. Phil Wolffmentioned we will need to budget for the work and getting the updates on our website. Wenjing Chuand John Jordanmentioned it's an open sourced resource and will likely be easy to use. Wenjing Chumentioned it would be on the EFWG to maintain the website updates. Judith Fleenorchimed in that we should encourage folks to be General Members to have their logo posted on our website. Judith Fleenor mentioned we need to identify how we identify the criteria for these potential members to ensure we've vetted them out before we promote them within our ToIP community. John Jordanmentioned we would need to encourage them to identify their specific attributes to help implement their logo within the landscape tool. Daniel Bachenheimermentioned he likes the idea to illustrate who the players are and where they fit in, but the challenge we may face is if they're contributing a lot to a sister organization and they're not a ToIP member but they're a leading provider in the space. We previously discussed publishing who/how this type of implementation in the past as a point of reference. Wenjing Chumentioned CNCF landscape illustrates the entire landscape, not just their CNCF members within the landscape. Steve Magennis mentioned it may be challenging to get approvals from all the various players, in order to get published. John Jordan recommended we look into this as it's a great potential resource to provide our community.

Action Items:

  • Judith Fleenor to add Phil to the Communication Committee meeting invites for 2022

    Action Items from previous meetings:
  • Past Action Item:  Scott Perry and David Lucatch volunteered to work on Trademark registration recommendations.
  • Past Action Item: Judith Fleenorto work with Indicio on getting ToIP content into their Indy/Arise workshop.
  • Past Action Item: Drummond Reed to create a Co-Branding Policy and work with Scott Perryto create a Co-branded version of out templates.
  • Past Action Item: Drummond Reedto create a BLOG about the OIX MOU when that MOU has been created and approved by both SCs. Judith Fleenorto follow-up with Nick Mothershaw.  Judith Fleenorto continue to follow-up with Jory on the re-write and resubmit to SC.
  • Past Action Item: Daniel Bachenheimersaid help with a BLOG about mDL and VCs.
  • Past Action Item: Judith Fleenorto coordinate with Kaliya Youngand Chris Kelly about Cross Collaboration on papers and communications after Thanksgiving.
  • Past Action Item: Judith Fleenorto add event schedule topic to the next Comms Meeting agenda.