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  • Action ItemAjay Madhokand Wenjing Chuto work with Drummond Reedon graphics for Introductory Document
  • Action Item: Neil Thomsonand Steven Milstein to work with Alex Metcalf on the Discussion Papers publication
  • Action Item: John Jordanto work on a non-identity use case example for the infographic.  All to suggest use case examples at the next meeting so we can decided on a few for Peter to use.
  • Action Item: Judith Fleenorto work with Indicio on getting ToIP content into their Indy/Arise workshop.
  • Action Item: Daniel Bachenheimerto work with Chris Kelly on a BLOG post for support of the DID Spec
  • Action Item:  Chris Kelly to work on a BLOG post for IIW Recap with Drummond Reedand Wenjing Chu.  Judith Fleenorto coordinate with Chris Kelly on Monday.
  • Action Item: Drummond Reed to create a Co-Branding Policy and work with Scott Perryto create a Co-branded version of out templates.
  • Action Item: Drummond Reedto create a BLOG about the OIX MOU when that MOU has been created and approved by both SCs.
  • Action Item: Daniel Bachenheimeragreed to help with a BLOG about mDL and VCs.
  • Action Item: Judith Fleenorto coordinate with Kaliya Youngand Chris Kelly about Cross Collaboration on papers and communications.

    Action Items from previous meetings:
  • Action Item:  Scott Perry and David Lucatch volunteered to work on Trademark registration recommendations.
  • Action item: Jim St.Clair to work with Alex Metcalf on a BLOG about our ALL Members meeting presentation by Onterio Gov.
  • Action Item: Drummond Reed Wenjing Chu Daniel Bachenheimer to work on public showing of support for DIF spec when approved by W3C
  • Action Item: All review the Introduction to ToIP V2 white paper