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Terms of Reference

  • (TBC)

Responsibilities and Deliverables

  1. (TBC) 



To draft the Good Health Pass Ecosystem Governance Framework V1. For context, see the final section of the Good Health Pass Interoperability Blueprint Outline

Responsibilities and Deliverables

  1. Good Health Pass Ecosystem Governance Framework V1


  • Drummond Reed, Evernym


Only members of the Trust Over IP Foundation who have signed the necessary agreements and charters are permitted to participate in this Drafting Group and contribute to its deliverables. 

Please add your name to the list below to indicate you have joined the Drafting Group:


Meeting Schedule

The Drafting Group meets (Weekly/Bi-Weekly) on (Day) at XY PT / XY During the month of April, this Drafting Group will meet twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-4:00 PM PT / 22:00-23:00 UTC.

Meeting Page

Please find agendas, presentations, notes and recordings for all Drafting Group meetings HERE.