This is the shared Trust over IP shared calendar. It displays the recurring series of All Member, Steering Committee, Communications Committee, Working Group and Task Force meetings that are open to all members.

PLEASE NOTE: The below calendar is shown in Pacific Time Zone

NOTEFor the protection of all Members, participation in all Foundation activities including Working Group and Taskforce meetings is limited to members, including their employees, of the Trust over IP Foundation who have signed the membership documents and thus agreed to the intellectual property rules governing participation. If you or your employer are not a member of the working group, we ask that you not participate in Working Group activities beyond observing.

To subscribe using a Google Calendar, please click on the box in the lower right hand corner:


For other calendar applications, please subscribe to our ToIP Calendar here:

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  1. Are the above times Eastern Standard (as stated) or UTC/local timezones?

    I am trying to find a way into the KOM - which is scheduled for 15:00 EST, but there seems to be nobody in the room...I am going to assume that the above page shows UTC/local. 

    1. Robin, I know it sound strange, but for most viewers, they appear in Eastern Time, but apparently for SOME viewers they appear in local timezones. Hopefully it will be clear which one applies to you.