OCA capture bases contain a "classification" meta attribute to enable industry sector tagging for the purposes of schema categorization. In order to establish commonality across sector-specific Working Groups (WGs), Task Forces (TFs), and Focus Groups (FGs) at Trust over IP, twelve industry sectors are defined below for general reference. 

Communication Services Sector

The Communication Services Sector includes companies that facilitate communication and offer related content and information through various mediums. It includes telecom and media & entertainment companies including producers of interactive gaming products and companies engaged in content and information creation or distribution through proprietary platforms.

The following industry sector codes are in scope for the Communication Services Sector:

SectorIndustry GroupIndustrySub-Industry
50 - Communication Services5010 - Telecommunication Services501010 - Diversified Telecommunication Services

50101010 - Alternative Carriers

Providers of communications and high-density data transmission services primarily through a high bandwidth/fiber-optic cable network.

50101020 - Integrated Telecommunication Services

Operators of primarily fixed-line telecommunications networks and companies providing both wireless and fixed-line telecommunications services not classified elsewhere. Also includes Internet Service Providers offering internet access to end-users.

501020 - Wireless Telecommunication Services

50102010 - Wireless Telecommunication Services

Providers of primarily cellular or wireless telecommunication services.

5020 - Media & Entertainment502010 - Media

50201010 - Advertising

Companies providing advertising, marketing, or public relations services.

50201020 - Broadcasting

Owners and operators of television or radio broadcasting systems, including programming. Includes, radio and television broadcasting, radio networks, and radio stations.

50201030 - Cable & Satellite

Providers of cable or satellite television services. Includes cable networks and program distribution.

50201040 - Publishing

Publishers of newspapers, magazines, and books in print or electronic formats.

502020 - Entertainment

50202010 - Movies & Entertainment

Companies that engage in producing and selling entertainment products and services, including companies engaged in the production, distribution, and screening of movies and television shows, producers and distributors of music, entertainment theaters, and sports teams. Also includes companies offering and/or producing entertainment content streamed online.

50202020 - Interactive Home Entertainment

Producers of interactive gaming products, including mobile gaming applications. Also includes educational software used primarily in the home. Excludes online gambling companies classified in the Casinos & Gaming Sub-Industry.

502030 - Interactive Media & Services

50203010 - Interactive Media & Services

Companies engaging in content and information creation or distribution through proprietary platforms, where revenues are derived primarily through pay-per-click advertisements. Includes search engines, social media and networking platforms, online classifieds, and online review companies. Excludes companies operating online marketplaces classified in Internet & Direct Marketing Retail.

Consumer Discretionary Sector

The Consumer Discretionary Sector encompasses those businesses that tend to be the most sensitive to economic cycles. Its manufacturing segment includes automotive, household durable goods, leisure equipment, and textiles & apparel. The services segment includes hotels, restaurants, and other leisure facilities, media production and services, and consumer retailing and services.

The following industry sector codes are in scope for the Consumer Discretionary Sector

SectorIndustry GroupIndustrySub-Industry
25 - Consumer Discretionary2510 - Automobiles & Components251010 - Auto Components 

25101010 - Auto Parts & Equipment

Manufacturers of parts and accessories for automobiles and motorcycles. Excludes companies classified in the Tires & Rubber Sub-Industry.

25101020 - Tires & Rubber

Manufacturers of tires and rubber.

251020 - Automobiles

25102010 - Automobile Manufacturers

Companies that produce mainly passenger automobiles and light trucks. Excludes companies producing mainly motorcycles and three-wheelers classified in the Motorcycle Manufacturers Sub-Industry and heavy-duty trucks classified in the Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks Sub-Industry.

25102020 - Motorcycle Manufacturers

Companies that produce motorcycles, scooters, or three-wheelers. Excludes bicycles classified in the Leisure Products Sub-Industry.

2520 - Consumer Durables & Apparel252010 - Household Durables

25201010 - Consumer Electronics

Manufacturers of consumer electronics products including TVs, home audio equipment, game consoles, digital cameras, and related products. Excludes personal home computer manufacturers classified in the Technology Hardware, Storage & Peripherals Sub-Industry, and electric household appliances classified in the Household Appliances Sub-Industry.

25201020 - Home Furnishings

Manufacturers of soft home furnishings or furniture, including upholstery, carpets, and wall-coverings.

25201030 - Homebuilding

Residential construction companies. Includes manufacturers of prefabricated houses and semi-fixed manufactured homes.

25201040 - Household Appliances

Manufacturers of electric household appliances and related products. Includes manufacturers of power and hand tools, including garden improvement tools. Excludes TVs and other audio and video products classified in the Consumer Electronics Sub-Industry and personal computers classified in the Technology Hardware, Storage & Peripherals Sub-Industry.

25201050 - Housewares & Specialties

Manufacturers of durable household products, including cutlery, cookware, glassware, crystal, silverware, utensils, kitchenware, and consumer specialties not classified elsewhere.

252020 - Leisure Products

25202010 - Leisure Products

Manufacturers of leisure products and equipment including sports equipment, bicycles, and toys.

252030 - Textiles, Apparel & Luxury Goods

25203010 - Apparel, Accessories & Luxury Goods

Manufacturers of apparel, accessories & luxury goods. Includes companies primarily producing designer handbags, wallets, luggage, jewelry, and watches. Excludes shoes classified in the Footwear Sub-Industry.

25203020 - Footwear

Manufacturers of footwear. Includes sport and leather shoes.

25203030 - Textiles

Manufacturers of textile and related products not classified in the Apparel, Accessories & Luxury Goods, Footwear or Home Furnishings Sub-Industries.

2530 - Consumer Services253010 - Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure

25301010 - Casinos & Gaming

Owners and operators of casinos and gaming facilities. Includes companies providing lottery and betting services.

25301020 - Hotels, Resorts & Cruise Lines

Owners and operators of hotels, resorts, and cruise ships. Includes travel agencies, tour operators, and related services not classified elsewhere. Excludes casino-hotels classified in the Casinos & Gaming Sub-Industry.

25301030 - Leisure Facilities

Owners and operators of leisure facilities, including sport and fitness centers, stadiums, golf courses, and amusement parks not classified in the Movies & Entertainment Sub-Industry.

25301040 - Restaurants

Owners and operators of restaurants, bars, pubs, fast-food or take-out facilities. Includes companies that provide food catering services.

253020 - Diversified Consumer Services

25302010 - Education Services

Companies providing educational services, either online or through conventional teaching methods. Includes, private universities, correspondence teaching, providers of educational seminars, educational materials, and technical education. Excludes companies providing employee education programs classified in the Human Resources & Employment Services Sub-Industry.

25302020 - Specialized Consumer Services

Companies providing consumer services not classified elsewhere. Includes residential services, home security, legal services, personal services, renovation & interior design services, consumer auctions, and wedding & funeral services.

2550 - Retailing255010 - Distributors

25501010 - Distributors

Distributors and wholesalers of general merchandise not classified elsewhere. Includes vehicle distributors.

255020 - Internet & Direct Marketing Retail

25502020 - Internet & Direct Marketing Retail

Companies providing retail services primarily on the internet, through mail order, and TV home shopping retailers. Also includes companies providing online marketplaces for consumer products and services.

255030 - Multiline Retail

25503010 - Department Stores

Owners and operators of department stores.

25503020 - General Merchandise Stores

Owners and operators of stores offering diversified general merchandise. Excludes hypermarkets and large-scale supercenters classified in the Hypermarkets & Super Centers Sub-Industry.

255040 - Specialty Retail

25504010 - Apparel Retail

Retailers specialized mainly in apparel and accessories.

25504020 - Computer & Electronics Retail

Owners and operators of consumer electronics, computers, video and related products retail stores.

25504030 - Home Improvement Retail

Owners and operators of home and garden improvement retail stores. Includes stores offering building materials and supplies.

25504040 - Specialty Stores

Owners and operators of specialty retail stores not classified elsewhere. Includes jewelry stores, toy stores, office supply stores, health & vision care stores, and book & entertainment stores.

25504050 - Automotive Retail

Owners and operators of stores specializing in automotive retail. Includes auto dealers, gas stations, and retailers of auto accessories, motorcycles & parts, automotive glass, and automotive equipment & parts.

25504060 - Homefurnishing Retail

Owners and operators of furniture and home furnishings retail stores. Includes residential furniture, home furnishings, housewares, and interior design. Excludes home and garden improvement stores, classified in the Home Improvement Retail Sub-Industry.

Consumer Staples Sector

The Consumer Staples Sector comprises companies whose businesses are less sensitive to economic cycles. It includes manufacturers and distributors of food, beverages, and tobacco and producers of non-durable household goods and personal products. It also includes food & drug retailing companies as well as hypermarkets and consumer supercenters.

The following industry sector codes are in scope for the Consumer Staples Sector

SectorIndustry GroupIndustrySub-Industry
30 - Consumer Staples3010 - Food & Staples Retailing301010 - Food & Staples Retailing

30101010 - Drug Retail

Owners and operators of primarily drug retail stores and pharmacies.

30101020 - Food Distributors

Distributors of food products to other companies and not directly to the consumer.

30101030 - Food Retail

Owners and operators of primarily food retail stores.

30101040 - Hypermarkets & Super Centers

Owners and operators of hypermarkets and supercenters selling food and a wide range of consumer staple products. Excludes Food and Drug Retailers classified in the Food Retail and Drug Retail Sub-Industries, respectively.

3020 - Food, Beverage & Tobacco302010 - Beverages

30201010 - Brewers

Producers of beer and malt liquors. Includes breweries not classified in the Restaurants Sub-Industry.

30201020 - Distillers & Vintners

Distillers, vintners, and producers of alcoholic beverages not classified in the Brewers Sub-Industry.

30201030 - Soft Drinks

Producers of non-alcoholic beverages including mineral waters. Excludes producers of milk classified in the Packaged Foods Sub-Industry.

302020 - Food Products

30202010 - Agricultural Products

Producers of agricultural products. Includes crop growers, owners of plantations, and companies that produce and process foods but do not package and market them. Excludes companies classified in the Forest Products Sub-Industry and those that package and market the food products classified in the Packaged Foods Sub-Industry.

30202030 - Packaged Foods & Meats

Producers of packaged foods including dairy products, fruit juices, meats, poultry, fish, and pet foods.

302030 - Tobacco

30203010 - Tobacco

Manufacturers of cigarettes and other tobacco products.

3030 - Household & Personal Products303010 - Household Products

30301010 - Household Products

Producers of non-durable household products, including detergents, soaps, diapers, and other tissue and household paper products not classified in the Paper Products Sub-Industry.

303020 - Personal Products

30302010 - Personal Products

Manufacturers of personal and beauty care products, including cosmetics and perfumes.

Energy Sector

The Energy Sector comprises companies engaged in exploration & production, refining & marketing, and storage & transportation of oil & gas and coal & consumable fuels. It also includes companies that offer oil & gas equipment and services.

The following industry sector codes are in scope for the Energy Sector

SectorIndustry GroupIndustrySub-Industry
10 - Energy1010 - Energy101010 - Energy Equipment & Services

10101010 - Oil & Gas Drilling

Drilling contractors or owners of drilling rigs that contract their services for drilling wells.

10101020 - Oil & Gas Equipment & Services

Manufacturers of equipment, including drilling rigs and equipment, and providers of supplies and services to companies involved in the drilling, evaluation, and completion of oil and gas wells.

101020 - Oil, Gas & Consumable Fuels

10102010 - Integrated Oil & Gas

Integrated oil companies engaged in the exploration & production of oil and gas, as well as at least one other significant activity in either refining, marketing, and transportation, or chemicals.

10102020 - Oil & Gas Exploration & Production

Companies engaged in the exploration and production of oil and gas not classified elsewhere.

10102030 - Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing

Companies engaged in the refining and marketing of oil, gas, and/or refined products not classified in the Integrated Oil & Gas or Independent Power Producers & Energy Traders Sub-Industries.

10102040 - Oil & Gas Storage & Transportation

Companies engaged in the storage and/or transportation of oil, gas, and/or refined products. Includes diversified midstream natural gas companies, oil and refined product pipelines, coal slurry pipelines, and oil & gas shipping companies.

10102050 - Coal & Consumable Fuels

Companies primarily involved in the production and mining of coal, related products, and other consumable fuels related to the generation of energy. Excludes companies primarily producing gases classified in the Industrial Gases sub-industry and companies primarily mining for metallurgical (coking) coal used for steel production.

Financials Sector

The Financials Sector contains companies involved in banking, thrifts & mortgage finance, specialized finance, consumer finance, asset management and custody banks, investment banking, and brokerage and insurance. It also includes Financial Exchanges & Data and Mortgage REITs.

The following industry sector codes are in scope for the Financials Sector

SectorIndustry GroupIndustrySub-Industry
40 - Financials4010 - Banks401010 - Banks

40101010 - Diversified Banks

Large, geographically diverse banks with a national footprint whose revenues are derived primarily from conventional banking operations, have significant business activity in retail banking and small and medium corporate lending and provide a diverse range of financial services. Excludes banks classified in the Regional Banks and Thrifts & Mortgage Finance Sub-Industries. Also excludes investment banks classified in the Investment Banking & Brokerage Sub-Industry.

40101015 - Regional Banks

Commercial banks whose businesses are derived primarily from conventional banking operations and have significant business activity in retail banking and small and medium corporate lending. Regional banks tend to operate in limited geographic regions. Excludes companies classified in the Diversified Banks and Thrifts & Mortgage Banks sub-industries. Also excludes investment banks classified in the Investment Banking & Brokerage Sub-Industry.

401020 - Thrifts & Mortgage Finance

40102010 - Thrifts & Mortgage Finance

Financial institutions providing mortgage and mortgage-related services. These include financial institutions whose assets are primarily mortgage-related, savings & loans, mortgage lending institutions, building societies, and companies providing insurance to mortgage banks.

4020 - Diversified Financials402010 - Diversified Financial Services

40201020 - Other Diversified Financial Services

Providers of a diverse range of financial services and/or with some interest in a wide range of financial services including banking, insurance, and capital markets, but with no dominant business line. Excludes companies classified in the Regional Banks and Diversified Banks Sub-Industries.

40201030 - Multi-Sector Holdings

A company with significantly diversified holdings across three or more sectors, none of which contributes a majority of profit and/or sales. Stakes held are predominantly of a non-controlling nature. Includes diversified financial companies where stakes held are of a controlling nature. Excludes other diversified companies classified in the Industrials Conglomerates Sub-Industry.

40201040 - Specialized Finance

Providers of specialized financial services not classified elsewhere. Companies in this sub-industry derive a majority of revenue from one specialized line of business. Includes, but not limited to, commercial financing companies, central banks, leasing institutions, factoring services, and specialty boutiques. Excludes companies classified in the Financial Exchanges & Data sub-industry.

402020 - Consumer Finance

40202010 - Consumer Finance

Providers of consumer finance services, including personal credit, credit cards, lease financing, travel-related money services and pawn shops. Excludes mortgage lenders classified in the Thrifts & Mortgage Finance Sub-Industry.

402030 - Capital Markets

40203010 - Asset Management & Custody Banks

Financial institutions primarily engaged in investment management and/or related custody and securities fee-based services. Includes companies operating mutual funds, closed-end funds, and unit investment trusts. Excludes banks and other financial institutions primarily involved in commercial lending, investment banking, brokerage, and other specialized financial activities.

40203020 - Investment Banking & Brokerage

Financial institutions primarily engaged in investment banking & brokerage services, including equity and debt underwriting, mergers and acquisitions, securities lending, and advisory services. Excludes banks and other financial institutions primarily involved in commercial lending, asset management, and specialized financial activities.

40203030 - Diversified Capital Markets

Financial institutions primarily engaged in diversified capital markets activities, including a significant presence in at least two of the following area: large/major corporate lending, investment banking, brokerage, and asset management. Excludes less diversified companies classified in the Asset Management & Custody Banks or Investment Banking & Brokerage sub-industries. Also excludes companies classified in the Banks or Insurance industry groups or the Consumer Finance Sub-Industry.

40203040 - Financial Exchanges & Data

Financial exchanges for securities, commodities, derivatives, and other financial instruments, and providers of financial decision support tools and products including ratings agencies.

402040 - Mortgage Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

40204010 - Mortgage REITs

Companies or Trusts that service, originate, purchase and/or securitize residential and/or commercial mortgage loans. Includes trusts that invest in mortgage-backed securities and other mortgage-related assets.

4030 - Insurance403010- Insurance

40301010 - Insurance Brokers

Insurance and reinsurance brokerage firms.

40301020 - Life & Health Insurance

Companies providing primarily life, disability, indemnity, or supplemental health insurance. Excludes managed care companies classified in the Managed Health Care Sub-Industry.

40301030 - Multi-line Insurance

Insurance companies with diversified interests in life, health and property, and casualty insurance.

40301040 - Property & Casualty Insurance

Companies providing primarily property and casualty insurance.

40301050 - Reinsurance

Companies providing primarily reinsurance.

Health Care Sector

The Health Care Sector includes health care providers & services, companies that manufacture and distribute health care equipment & supplies, and health care technology companies. It also includes companies involved in the research, development, production, and marketing of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology products.

The following industry sector codes are in scope for the Health Care Sector

SectorIndustry GroupIndustrySub-Industry
35 - Health Care3510 - Health Care Equipment & Services351010 - Health Care Equipment & Supplies

35101010 - Health Care Equipment

Manufacturers of health care equipment and devices. Includes medical instruments, drug delivery systems, cardiovascular & orthopedic devices, and diagnostic equipment.

35101020 - Health Care Supplies

Manufacturers of health care supplies and medical products not classified elsewhere. Includes eye care products, hospital supplies, and safety needle & syringe devices.

351020 - Health Care Providers & Services

35102010 - Health Care Distributors

Distributors and wholesalers of health care products not classified elsewhere.

35102015 - Health Care Services

Providers of patient health care services not classified elsewhere. Includes dialysis centers, lab testing services, and pharmacy management services. Also includes companies providing business support services to health care providers, such as clerical support services, collection agency services, staffing services and outsourced sales & marketing services.

35102020 - Health Care Facilities

Owners and operators of health care facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and animal hospitals.

35102030 - Managed Health Care

Owners and operators of Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and other managed plans.

351030 - Health Care Technology

35103010 - Health Care Technology

Companies providing information technology services primarily to health care providers. Includes companies providing application, systems, and/or data processing software, internet-based tools, and IT consulting services to doctors, hospitals, or businesses operating primarily in the Health Care Sector.

3520 - Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences352010 - Biotechnology

35201010 - Biotechnology

Companies primarily engaged in the research, development, manufacturing, and/or marketing of products based on genetic analysis and genetic engineering. Includes companies specializing in protein-based therapeutics to treat human diseases. Excludes companies manufacturing products using biotechnology but without a health care application.

352020 - Pharmaceuticals

35202010 - Pharmaceuticals

Companies engaged in the research, development, or production of pharmaceuticals. Includes veterinary drugs.

352030 - Life Sciences Tools & Services

35203010 - Life Sciences Tools & Services

Companies enabling the drug discovery, development, and production continuum by providing analytical tools, instruments, consumables & supplies, clinical trial services, and contract research services. Includes firms primarily servicing the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Industrials Sector

The Industrials Sector includes manufacturers and distributors of capital goods such as aerospace & defense, building products, electrical equipment and machinery, and companies that offer construction & engineering services. It also includes providers of commercial & professional services including printing, environmental and facilities services, office services & supplies, security & alarm services, human resource & employment services, research & consulting services. It also includes companies that provide transportation services.

The following industry sector codes are in scope for the Industrials Sector

SectorIndustry GroupIndustrySub-Industry
20 - Industrials2010 - Capital Goods201010 - Aerospace & Defense

20101010 - Aerospace & Defense

Manufacturers of civil or military aerospace and defense equipment, parts, or products. Includes defense electronics and space equipment.

201020 - Building Products

20102010 - Building Products

Manufacturers of building components and home improvement products and equipment. Excludes lumber and plywood classified under Forest Products and cement and other materials classified in the Construction Materials Sub-Industry.

201030 - Construction & Engineering

20103010 - Construction & Engineering

Companies engaged in primarily non-residential construction. Includes civil engineering companies and large-scale contractors. Excludes companies classified in the Homebuilding Sub-Industry.

201040 - Electrical Equipment

20104010 - Electrical Components & Equipment

Companies that produce electric cables and wires, electrical components, or equipment not classified in the Heavy Electrical Equipment Sub-Industry.

20104020 - Heavy Electrical Equipment

Manufacturers of power-generating equipment and other heavy electrical equipment, including power turbines, heavy electrical machinery intended for fixed-use, and large electrical systems. Excludes cables and wires, classified in the Electrical Components & Equipment Sub-Industry.

201050 - Industrial Conglomerates

20105010 - Industrial Conglomerates

Diversified industrial companies with business activities in three or more sectors, none of which contributes a majority of revenues. Stakes held are predominantly of a controlling nature and stakeholders maintain an operational interest in the running of the subsidiaries.

201060 - Machinery

20106010 - Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks

Manufacturers of heavy-duty trucks, rolling machinery, earth-moving and construction equipment, and manufacturers of related parts. Includes non-military shipbuilding.

20106015 - Agricultural & Farm Machinery

Companies manufacturing agricultural machinery, farm machinery, and their related parts. Includes machinery used for the production of crops and agricultural livestock, agricultural tractors, planting and fertilizing machinery, fertilizer and chemical application equipment, and grain dryers and blowers.

20106020 - Industrial Machinery

Manufacturers of industrial machinery and industrial components. Includes companies that manufacture presses, machine tools, compressors, pollution control equipment, elevators, escalators, insulators, pumps, roller bearings, and other metal fabrications.

201070 - Trading Companies & Distributors

20107010 - Trading Companies & Distributors

Trading companies and other distributors of industrial equipment and products.

2020 - Commercial  & Professional Services202010 - Commercial Services & Supplies

20201010 - Commercial Printing

Companies providing commercial printing services. Includes printers primarily serving the media industry.

20201050 - Environmental & Facilities Services

Companies providing environmental and facilities maintenance services. Includes waste management, facilities management, and pollution control services. Excludes large-scale water treatment systems classified in the Water Utilities Sub-Industry.

20201060 - Office Services & Supplies

Providers of office services and manufacturers of office supplies and equipment not classified elsewhere.

20201070 - Diversified Support Services

Companies primarily providing labor-oriented support services to businesses and governments. Includes commercial cleaning services, dining & catering services, equipment repair services, industrial maintenance services, industrial auctioneers, storage & warehousing, transaction services, uniform rental services, and other business support services.

20201080 - Security & Alarm Services

Companies providing security and protection services to businesses and governments. Includes companies providing services such as correctional facilities, security & alarm services, armored transportation & guarding. Excludes companies providing security software classified under the Systems Software Sub-Industry and home security services classified under the Specialized Consumer Services Sub-Industry. Also excludes companies manufacturing security system equipment classified under the Electronic Equipment & Instruments Sub-Industry.

202020 - Professional Services

20202010 - Human Resource & Employment Services

Companies providing business support services relating to human capital management. Includes employment agencies, employee training, payroll & benefit support services, retirement support services, and temporary agencies.

20202020 - Research & Consulting Services

Companies primarily providing research and consulting services to businesses and governments not classified elsewhere. Includes companies involved in management consulting services, architectural design, business information or scientific research, marketing, and testing & certification services. Excludes companies providing information technology consulting services classified in the IT Consulting & Other Services Sub-Industry.

2030 - Transportation203010 - Air Freight & Logistics

20301010 - Air Freight & Logistics

Companies providing air freight transportation, courier, and logistics services, including package and mail delivery and customs agents. Excludes those companies classified in the Airlines, Marine, or Trucking Sub-Industries.

203020 - Airlines

20302010 - Airlines

Companies providing primarily passenger air transportation.

203030 - Marine

20303010 - Marine

Companies providing goods or passenger maritime transportation. Excludes cruise-ships classified in the Hotels, Resorts & Cruise Lines Sub-Industry.

203040 - Road & Rail

20304010 - Railroads

Companies providing primarily goods and passenger rail transportation.

20304020 - Trucking

Companies providing primarily goods and passenger land transportation. Includes vehicle rental and taxi companies.

203050 - Transportation Infrastructure

20305010 - Airport Services

Operators of airports and companies providing related services.

20305020 - Highways & Railtracks

Owners and operators of roads, tunnels, and railtracks.

20305030 - Marine Ports & Services

Owners and operators of marine ports and related services.

Information Technology Sector

The Information Technology Sector comprises companies that offer software and information technology services, manufacturers and distributors of technology hardware & equipment such as communications equipment, cellular phones, computers & peripherals, electronic equipment, and related instruments, and semiconductors.

The following industry sector codes are in scope for the Information Technology Sector:

SectorIndustry GroupIndustrySub-Industry
45 - Information Technology4510 - Software & Services451020 - IT Services

45102010 - IT Consulting & Other Services

Providers of information technology and systems integration services not classified in the Data Processing & Outsourced Services or Internet Software & Services Sub-Industries. Includes information technology consulting and information management services.

45102020 - Data Processing & Outsourced Services

Providers of commercial electronic data processing and/or business process outsourcing services. Includes companies that provide services for back-office automation.

45102030 - Internet Services & Infrastructure

Companies providing services and infrastructure for the internet industry including data centers and cloud networking and storage infrastructure. Also includes companies providing web hosting services. Excludes companies classified in the Software Industry.

451030 - Software

45103010 - Application Software

Companies engaged in developing and producing software designed for specialized applications for the business or consumer market. Includes enterprise and technical software, as well as cloud-based software. Excludes companies classified in the Interactive Home Entertainment Sub-Industry. Also excludes companies producing systems or database management software classified in the Systems Software Sub-Industry.

45103020 - Systems Software

Companies engaged in developing and producing systems and database management software.

4520 - Technology Hardware & Equipment452010 - Communications Equipment

45201020 - Communications Equipment

Manufacturers of communication equipment and products, including LANs, WANs, routers, telephones, switchboards, and exchanges. Excludes cellular phone manufacturers classified in the Technology Hardware, Storage & Peripherals Sub-Industry.

452020 - Technology Hardware, Storage & Peripherals

45202030 - Technology Hardware, Storage & Peripherals

Manufacturers of cellular phones, personal computers, servers, electronic computer components, and peripherals. Includes data storage components, motherboards, audio and video cards, monitors, keyboards, printers, and other peripherals. Excludes semiconductors classified in the Semiconductors Sub-Industry.

452030 - Electronic Equipment, Instruments & Components

45203010 - Electronic Equipment & Instruments

Manufacturers of electronic equipment and instruments including analytical, electronic test, and measurement instruments, scanner/barcode products, lasers, display screens, point-of-sales machines, and security system equipment.

45203015 - Electronic Components

Manufacturers of electronic components. Includes electronic components, connection devices, electron tubes, electronic capacitors and resistors, electronic coil, printed circuit board, transformer and other inductors, signal processing technology/components.

45203020 - Electronic Manufacturing Services

Producers of electronic equipment mainly for the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) markets.

45203030 - Technology Distributors

Distributors of technology hardware and equipment. Includes distributors of communications equipment, computers & peripherals, semiconductors, and electronic equipment and components.

4530 - Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment453010 - Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment

45301010 - Semiconductor Equipment

Manufacturers of semiconductor equipment, including manufacturers of the raw material and equipment used in the solar power industry.

45301020 - Semiconductors

Manufacturers of semiconductors and related products, including manufacturers of solar modules and cells.

Materials Sector

The Materials Sector includes companies that manufacture chemicals, construction materials, glass, paper, forest products, and related packaging products, and metals, minerals, and mining companies, including producers of steel.

The following industry sector codes are in scope for the Materials Sector

SectorIndustry GroupIndustrySub-Industry
15 - Materials1510 - Materials151010 - Chemicals

15101010 - Commodity Chemicals

Companies that primarily produce industrial chemicals and basic chemicals. Including but not limited to plastics, synthetic fibers, films, commodity-based paints & pigments, explosives, and petrochemicals. Excludes chemical companies classified in the Diversified Chemicals, Fertilizers & Agricultural Chemicals, Industrial Gases, or Specialty Chemicals Sub-Industries.

15101020 - Diversified Chemicals

Manufacturers of a diversified range of chemical products not classified in the Industrial Gases, Commodity Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals or Fertilizers & Agricultural Chemicals Sub-Industries.

15101030 - Fertilizers & Agricultural Chemicals

Producers of fertilizers, pesticides, potash, or other agriculture-related chemicals not classified elsewhere.

15101040 - Industrial Gases

Manufacturers of industrial gases.

15101050 - Specialty Chemicals

Companies that primarily produce high value-added chemicals used in the manufacture of a wide variety of products, including but not limited to fine chemicals, additives, advanced polymers, adhesives, sealants, and specialty paints, pigments, and coatings.

151020 - Construction Materials

15102010 - Construction Materials

Manufacturers of construction materials including sand, clay, gypsum, lime, aggregates, cement, concrete, and bricks. Other finished or semi-finished building materials are classified in the Building Products Sub-Industry.

151030 - Containers & Packaging

15103010 - Metal & Glass Containers

Manufacturers of metal, glass, or plastic containers. Includes corks and caps.

15103020 - Paper Packaging

Manufacturers of paper and cardboard containers and packaging.

151040 - Metals & Mining

15104010 - Aluminum

Producers of aluminum and related products, including companies that mine or process bauxite and companies that recycle aluminum to produce finished or semi-finished products. Excludes companies that primarily produce aluminum building materials classified in the Building Products Sub-Industry.

15104020 - Diversified Metals & Mining

Companies engaged in the diversified production or extraction of metals and minerals not classified elsewhere. Including, but not limited to, nonferrous metal mining (except bauxite), salt and borate mining, phosphate rock mining, and diversified mining operations. Excludes iron ore mining, classified in the Steel Sub-Industry, bauxite mining, classified in the Aluminum Sub-Industry, and coal mining, classified in either the Steel or Coal & Consumable Fuels Sub-Industries.

15104025 - Copper

Companies involved primarily in copper ore mining.

15104030 - Gold

Producers of gold and related products, including companies that mine or process gold and the South African finance houses which primarily invest in, but do not operate, gold mines.

15104040 - Precious Metals & Minerals

Companies mining precious metals and minerals not classified in the Gold Sub-Industry. Includes companies primarily mining platinum.

15104045 - Silver

Companies primarily mining silver. Excludes companies classified in the Gold or Precious Metals & Minerals Sub-Industries.

15104050 - Steel

Producers of iron and steel and related products, including metallurgical (coking) coal mining used for steel production.

151050 - Paper & Forest Products

15105010 - Forest Products

Manufacturers of timber and related wood products. Includes lumber for the building industry.

15105020 - Paper Products

Manufacturers of all grades of paper. Excludes companies specializing in paper packaging classified in the Paper Packaging Sub-Industry.

Real Estate Sector

The Real Estate Sector contains companies engaged in real estate development and operation. It also includes companies offering real estate-related services and Equity Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

The following industry sector codes are in scope for the Real Estate Sector:

SectorIndustry GroupIndustrySub-Industry
60 - Real Estate6010 - Real Estate601010 - Equity Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

60101010 - Diversified REITs

A company or Trust with significantly diversified operations across two or more property types.

60101020 - Industrial REITs

Companies or Trusts engaged in the acquisition, development, ownership, leasing, management, and operation of industrial properties. Includes companies operating industrial warehouses and distribution properties.

60101030 - Hotel & Resort REITs 

Companies or Trusts engaged in the acquisition, development, ownership, leasing, management, and operation of hotel and resort properties.

60101040 - Office REITs 

Companies or Trusts engaged in the acquisition, development, ownership, leasing, management, and operation of office properties.

60101050 - Health Care REITs

Companies or Trusts engaged in the acquisition, development, ownership, leasing, management, and operation of properties serving the health care industry, including hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living properties.

60101060 - Residential REITs

Companies or Trusts engaged in the acquisition, development, ownership, leasing, management, and operation of residential properties including multifamily homes, apartments, manufactured homes, and student housing properties.

60101070 - Retail REITs

Companies or Trusts engaged in the acquisition, development, ownership, leasing, management, and operation of shopping malls, outlet malls, neighborhood and community shopping centers.

60101080 - Specialized REITs 

Companies or Trusts engaged in the acquisition, development, ownership, leasing, management, and operation of properties not classified elsewhere. Includes trusts that operate and invest in storage properties. It also includes REITs that do not generate a majority of their revenues and income from real estate rental and leasing operations.

601020 - Real Estate Management & Development

60102010 - Diversified Real Estate Activities 

Companies engaged in a diverse spectrum of real estate activities including real estate development & sales, real estate management, or real estate services, but with no dominant business line.

60102020 - Real Estate Operating Companies

Companies engaged in operating real estate properties for the purpose of leasing & management.

60102030 - Real Estate Development 

Companies that develop real estate and sell the properties after development. Excludes companies classified in the Homebuilding Sub-Industry.

60102040 - Real Estate Services 

Real estate service providers such as real estate agents, brokers & real estate appraisers.

Social Services Sector

(Humanitarian Sector)

The Social Services Sector includes establishments primarily engaged in providing social services, not elsewhere classified, including establishments primarily engaged in community improvement and social change. Organizations primarily engaged in soliciting contributions on their own account and administering appropriations and allocating funds among other agencies engaged in social welfare services are also included.

The following industry sector codes are in scope for the Social Services Sector

Major GroupIndustry8-digit SIC Code
83 - Social Services8399  - Social Services, Not Elsewhere Classified

83990000 - Social Services, Nec

83990100 - Community Development Groups

83990101 Community Action Agency

83990102 - Community Chest

83990103 - Neighborhood Development Group

83999901 Advocacy Group

83999902 - Antipoverty Board

83999903 - Council For Social Agency

83999904 - Fund Raising Organization, Non-Fee Basis

83999905 - Health And Welfare Council

83999906 - Health Systems Agency

83999907 - Regional Planning Organization

83999908 - Social Change Association

83999909 - Social Service Information Exchange

83999910 - United Fund Councils

Utilities Sector

The Utilities Sector comprises utility companies such as electric, gas, and water utilities. It also includes independent power producers & energy traders and companies that engage in the generation and distribution of electricity using renewable sources.

The following industry sector codes are in scope for the Utilities Sector:

SectorIndustry GroupIndustrySub-Industry
55 - Utilities5510 - Utilities551010 - Electric Utilities

55101010 - Electric Utilities

Companies that produce or distribute electricity. Includes both nuclear and non-nuclear facilities.

551020 - Gas Utilities

55102010 - Gas Utilities

Companies whose main charter is to distribute and transmit natural and manufactured gas. Excludes companies primarily involved in gas exploration or production classified in the Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Sub-Industry. Also excludes companies engaged in the storage and/or transportation of oil, gas, and/or refined products classified in the Oil & Gas Storage & Transportation Sub-Industry.

551030 - Multi-Utilities

55103010 - Multi-Utilities

Utility companies with significantly diversified activities in addition to core Electric Utility, Gas Utility, and/or Water Utility operations.

551040 - Water Utilities

55104010 - Water Utilities

Companies that purchase and redistribute water to the end-consumer. Includes large-scale water treatment systems.

551050 - Independent Power and Renewable Electricity Producers

55105010 - Independent Power Producers & Energy Traders

Companies that operate as Independent Power Producers (IPPs), Gas & Power Marketing & Trading Specialists, and/or Integrated Energy Merchants. Excludes producers of electricity using renewable sources, such as solar power, hydropower, and wind power. Also excludes electric transmission companies and utility distribution companies classified in the Electric Utilities Sub-Industry.

55105020 - Renewable Electricity 

Companies that engage in the generation and distribution of electricity using renewable sources, including, but not limited to, companies that produce electricity using biomass, geothermal energy, solar energy, hydropower, and wind power. Excludes companies manufacturing capital equipment used to generate electricity using renewable sources, such as manufacturers of solar power systems, installers of photovoltaic cells, and companies involved in the provision of technology, components, and services mainly to this market.