The Communications Committee is a standing committee of the ToIP Foundation Steering Committee at the 2020-06-10 meeting of the SC.


Support the work of the Steering Committee, Working Groups, and Task Forces in the planning, writing, production, publishing, and promotion of communications about the ToIP stack and the ToIP Foundation. This includes both communications authored by specific Working Groups or Task Forces as well as communications on behalf of the Foundation as a whole. Deliverables include white papers, presentations, website content, wiki content, blog posts, and press releases. This Committee may also organize Task Forces to coordinate the planning and execution of Foundation events.



See the Meeting Page for agendas, notes and recordings from all meetings.


Initial Work Items.

This is a preliminary list that will be refined as the WG gets underway. Please add new proposals to this list.

Longer term Work Items

Possible Revision to our Project Description

This potential revision to the formal description of the Trust over IP Foundation in our JDF charter was developed via suggestions on the all-members mailing list on 2020-05-20. We are checking on what will be necessary to update our charter after we have consensus on this.

“The Trust over IP Foundation is defining a complete architecture for Internet-scale digital trust that combines cryptographic assurance at the machine layer with human accountability at the business, legal, and social layers.”

Chairs / Leads

How to join

Membership in this subcommittee is open to Steering and Associate Members of the Foundation and their employees, and to Contributor members on request. Please contact Judith Fleenor to get involved.


For the protection of all Members, participation in working groups, meetings and events is limited to members, including their employees, of the Trust over IP Foundation who have signed the membership documents and thus agreed to the intellectual property rules governing participation. If you or your employer are not a member, we ask that you not participate in meetings by verbal contribution or otherwise take any action beyond observing.

Task Forces