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Meeting Date



Main Goal of this Meeting:



5 minWelcome
Antitrust Policy Notice
Introduction of New Members
5 mins

NEWS: general community updates relevant to the GSWG

25 min

WG Liaison Reports

WG Liaisons
20 mins

GSWG Task Force Reports

TF Leads
  1. Deliverable Status
  2. Assistance Needed
5 mins

Planning for Upcoming Meetings
Review of Decisions and Action Items / Closing



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  1. Welcome
    1. Linux Foundation antitrust policy
    2. Introduction of new members
    3. Agenda review
  2. News — general community updates relevant to the GSWG
  3. WG Liaison Reports

    1. GHP WG - Summary of the Blueprint of the GHP Recommendations.  The Governance Drafting Group is driving governance recommendations: 1) the GF base on the metamodel 2) governance Recommendation for process and 3) Glossary - 200 definitions including key concepts and terminology
      1. Key learnings - Advances on Governance Metamodel
      2. Process for Governance Development - driving the process from GHPC Blueprint creation to participatory governance in perpetuity
      3. Reinforce the ecosystem of ecosystem pattern - relationship between overarching ecosystem to participating ecosystems
      4. Reducing risk to airlines who are hook when entry is denied to passengers
      5. Lead to broad adoption of verifiable credentials
    2. Technology Stack WG
    3. Utility Stack WG
    4. Ecosystem Foundry WG
    5. Concepts & Terminology WG
  4. GSWG Task Force Reports
    1. Trust Assurance TF
      1. Scott Perry shared that he has prepared the following documents and proposes for them to become Draft Deliverables of the GSWG.
        1. Risk Assessment Companion—this is a tool for governing authorities to help them complete a risk assessment
        2. Risk Assessment Worksheet—this worksheet accompanies the Companion
        3. Trust Assurance Criteria Matrix—this worksheet accompanies the Worksheet
      2. DECISION: Accepted as Draft Deliverables.
    2. ToIP Stack Design Principles TF
    3. Governance Architecture TF
      1. Scott Perry proposed that we prepare a new Draft Deliverable called the ToIP Governance Metamodel Companion
      2. DECISION: Accepted as a Draft Deliverable.
      3. sankarshan proposed that we break out the ToIP Governance Metamodel as an independent Draft Deliverable.
      4. DECISION: Accepted as a Draft Deliverable.
  5. Special topic(s)
    1. ACTION: sankarshan will follow up to determine the status and next steps with the Principles of SSI Draft Deliverable.
    2. ACTION: Drummond Reed to compile the proposed GSWG Glossary terms that have been developed in the Good Health Pass WG work.
  6. Planning for Upcoming Meetings
    1. NA/EU Plenary
    2. APAC Plenary
    3. Special Topic
  7. Review of Decisions and Action Items


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Action Items

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