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Data capture requires the provision of immutable fields that are generated deterministically in order to capture and store collected data inputs. Immutable  Data capture items are identified by passive identifiers.

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Table: A hash grid table describing the different states of active and passive identifiers. The states of passive identifiers are highlighted. 

What is a Passive identifier?

An immutable identifier used that is generated deterministically to identify a non-governing entity, an inanimate object, or a static data item. A passive identifier can either be (1) controlled by an active identifier or (2) not controlled.


  • Uncontrolled passive identifier

An immutable A passive identifier that does not require any form of ownership, control, or management.


Passive identifier types include:

  • Resource Self-addressing identifier

An identifier that contains a cryptographic hash of digital content. Any change to the binary state of a single byte of the digital content will invalidate the hash. A hash value is an immutable fingerprint for digital contentis deterministically generated from and embedded in the content it identifies, making it and its data mutually tamper-evident.

  • Linking identifier (p/p-linkage)