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The table below lists all deliverables of the ACDC Task Force:

AcronymFull Name of DeliverableDeliverable TypeLink to
Draft Deliverable
Lead AuthorsStatus/Notes
ACDCAuthentic Chained Data ContainerSpecification

Pre-Draft Deliverable (PDF)

Slides from the original white paper
AIDAttributable IdentifiersSpecification
Samuel Smith
SAIDSelf-Addressing IdentifiersSpecification
Phil Feairheller
DID KERIKERI DID MethodSpecification
Phil Feairheller
SISSchema ImmutabilitySpecification
Robert Mitwicki
CESRComposable Event Streaming RepresentationSpecification
Samuel Smith
CESR ProofCESR Proof FormatSpecification

IXPIssuance Exchange ProtocolSpecification

PXPPresentation Exchange ProtocolSpecification

PTELPublic Transaction Event LogSpecification

JSON SerializationJSON Serialization RequirementsSpecification

JSON SchemaJSON Schema RequirementsSpecification