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Public Utility Directory

GuideGitHub link

This is a list of all the active Layer 1 utilities which currently have representative members at ToIP

Ongoing Deliverable (15-02-2022)

Public Identity Utilities for Digital Trust Ecosystems A Framework for Evaluating Layer 1 Utilities

GuideGoogle DocsThis document identifies the key differences and considerations between the core Layer 1 utilities for clients/customers looking to adopt a ToIP compatible SSI solutionOngoing Deliverable (15-02-2022)

List of Considerations when choosing a Public Utility

SpecificationWiki PageThis document identifies the considerations customers should look at when picking a Layer 1 UtilityOngoing Deliverable (15-02-2022)
Comparison of Utilities TableGuideGoogle sheetsThis table lays out each different Layer 1 Utility and the differences between them. This will help end-customers decide which Utility to use.Ongoing Deliverable (15-02-2022)

Decentralised Identity Architecture and Regulatory Compliance

GuideGoogle DocsThis document lays out what should and what should not be written to a Layer 1 Utility from the perspective of GDPR compliance.Ongoing Deliverable (15-02-2022)

Chairs / Leads

  • Co-Chair: Jessica Townsend (Accenture)Co-Chair: Lynn Bendixsen (Indicio)

  • Co-Chair: Alex Tweeddale (cheqd)

  • Former Lead: Jessica Townsend (Accenture)
  • Former Lead: Andre Kudra (esatus)
  • Former Lead: Mathieu Glaude (Northern Block)