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The Utility Foundry Working Group (UFWG) supports the emergence, alignment and operation of public, Layer 1 utilities that provide the cryptographic basis of trust for digital identities, decentralised identifiers (DIDs) key management and Verifiable Credentials (VCs). 

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Time: 11am PDT, 2pm PDT, 8pm CET, 5am AEDT 

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To facilitate an interoperable community for Layer 1 public utilities among governance authorities, implementers, operators, and service providers for Trust over IP. The WG will provide process guidance for the establishment and monitoring of new ToIP Layer 1 utility projects, whether hosted at the Linux Foundation or external to it. Other WG activities will include creating template RFPs for service providers, maintaining a list of affiliated Foundry Service Providers, identifying areas of collaboration and alignment between associated and/or disparate Utilities, and where possible serving as a center of competence for the education and promotion of the role of ToIP Layer 1 utilities.